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  3. Well, that's a bit disappointing. I agree with the post above though.
  4. so i was trying out violet, got her to lv80 and idk like whic hskills provide iframes? except awk post-initiative. having a bit trouble, ive read the guide but its a bit confusing lol
  5. Agent, This is a first in terms of this error so I will have to consult with the developers of the application to see for any fixes. In the meantime since it's just a visual issue, assume as normal and if a fix arises I will report it here asap. Have a nice day~
  6. IGN: KonKai Sigh Not Again Master "Ah master you failed again." "Guh I will not give up."
  7. I am using windows 10, sir!
  8. Agent, What operating system are you using for this?
  9. Alright, so. Direct X updated. Turned off firewall. Running as administrator, yet still it acts like this. Any help?
  10. It is a very odd choice to put a timer into a box who is meant to be a gift for players. It could have waited at least a week before removing it/having it expiring.
  11. I couldn't agree with this more. I can't put into words how much I hate Mirae and I'm totally disappointed that people love her so much even though we barely knew anything about her being in this game, and she was just released first before Chulsoo, who supposed to be coming earlier than her. I really don't know what her personality and existing is but... Uh yeah I guess everyone likes what they want to like.
  12. Yesterday
  13. @IchiZero your topic has been merged with a similar earlier-made topic. To answer the question: your box disappeared because it expired. As stated in the patch notes, the box would expire on February 17th at 9:00am. As the time of writing this, that was almost 14 hours ago. In addition, the timer on the crafting screen does not indicate the amount of time left before the box expires. Rather, I believe it indicates the amount of time before the crafting closes. It also seems to be client-based, since it showed "7 hours remaining" for you 6 hours ago but shows "13 hours remaining" for me right now.
  14. IGN: Sirens "I hit the wrong heart..."
  15. That sucks, for me. That means it expired when I finished downloading and logging in for the first time :< I suppose there aren't any redos then.
  16. Same. I've crafted it and it's not in my inventory: https://prnt.sc/r3qibo
  17. mine also expired early, anything can be done? i forgot forums existed for a while xO
  18. Same thing happened to me also 😥
  19. So, I crafted the 3-year anniversary box and tried to open it but I didn't have enough space in my inventory to open it. So, I cleaned out some space by putting stuff away in my bank and when I went to open the box. Either I'm completely blind or the box has just completely vanished and I've searched everywhere for it. I can't even craft it again. https://imgur.com/a/9ijIbeJ <- My consumables. Please tell me I'm just blind. IGN: Serafu
  20. Welcome to CODE: Closers. I hope you enjoy your stay here.
  21. In terms of Mirae, I wouldn't go so far as to call it hype, but there is definitely some excitement for her release. I will say, though, I'm not too thrilled at how they modeled her legs (and arms to a certain extent). Not really digging the noodle limbs, lemmie tell ya... As for NoName, I'm pretty lukewarm to be honest. In fact, the reason I still call him NoName is because I couldn't be bothered to learn how to spell his actual name. That said, I don't really hate him either. It's just that if I wanted to play a gun-wielding character I would go for Tina first ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I'm more interested in what Asmodeus will be like. How will they come up with new patterns to differentiate from Beelzebub, or will they just copy-paste the same concepts onto different bosses? In any case, I am pretty interested in the boss designs. Honestly it feels like bosses have better designs than characters at this point, like legit if they swapped the main Asmo boss with Mirae I would be 100% okay with that. Oh yeah also Syrphid pet is the best thing to happen to this game and gives meaning to my life don't @ me.
  22. Ex aegis. It gives you pretty good damage, when using V stance, then aegis charge.
  23. mine expired too even in the craft said it gonna last for more 6 hours ? @@
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