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  4. Part one of creating your own crew!


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  6. Happy Monday everyone! I apologize for the bit of delay in announcing, but we will not be having a maintenance today! Unfortunately Gitae had to run out and will not be around till late tonight, so we'll be skipping Maintenance all together. Have a happy week everyone!
  7. Working on a special guide!! should be uploaded by next week ♥
  8. Good to know you found a solution in the end. Since you did, would you like your thread to be locked?
  9. Tried everything but nothing works, I decided to delete the %temp% folder and that somehow works for me. Thanks for everybody who's trying to help me. I hope you all have a good day.
  10. Try to diagnose game or delete whole xigncode folder and disgnose then if it doesn't work, if you got fragmented disc for C/D etc., place game folder in other disc than C, might work. Check if Windows Defense/Antivirus if that doesn't work then only option is reinstallation
  11. Ykhar


    Goodbye. It was nice to meet you years ago when I was part of Luminiera! Good luck in your future
  12. Just check out Youtube for videos from Hoffman. You can easily see what people do on him during patterns. Pretty sure there's more video with 3-4 min runs where u can see all of them. I got some too
  13. Ghastly


    We're glad you stuck around this long! We're also sorry to hear someone has ruined your time here on C:C. I wish you the best of luck and if you ever decide to rejoin at any point we'll welcome you again with open arms!!
  14. do you have any guide about boss pattern? i'm farming hunters night epic gear but always die a lot when fighting hoffman
  15. Freir


    im here just to bid my farewell, though i never did my introduction properly since the beginning tl;dr thank you for people who ever supported me 😛 that was a fun and long journey (since February 14th, 2017) goodbye and have fun ~
  16. Still doesn't work, thanks for using your spare time to help.
  17. I suggest to delete header.cmf from DAT folder in Code:Closers folder. After that - diagnose.
  18. Basically i got that XignCode Error (E0191009) , I've tried everything from changing my DNS, using VPN, Redownload the game, Deleting the Xigncode folder + CW.exe and Diagnose. Still haven't fix the issues, please help!
  19. @Otochichi The dungeons have to be in assault mode (highest difficulty) in order to obtain one per run. It's best to run the fastest dungeons as well like the beginning dungeon in the first chapter since its straight forward
  20. i think you farm the most of them in TP busan, and any dungeon in busan, but you get the most of it in tp.
  21. Earlier
  22. Just wanting to pop in and let you know that this was passed on and we have noted the bug down!!
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