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  2. Just @ mention me to get a thread locked. I'll be locking this up.
  3. Nope. Penetration only goes through Defense. True Damage goes through not just Def, but also Damage Reduction. As long as your Phys or Psi Pene + Aerial/Back/Chase Pene (depending on which proc is relevant) is close to 100% (take buffs you can maintain into account), then you should be good.
  4. [ ONLINE ]  Agents, The CODE: Closers network is now back online! The Warp Fragment fix (including existing ones) and the Title Fix will be applied to the server with this maintenance. Thanks again for your patience, Have a great weekend~ ------------------------------------------------------------------------ The CODE: Closers network is going offline for a maintenance! Please be aware that there is no estimate when this maintenance may be over, so hold on tight until then. This thread will be updated once maintenance has been completed. Thank you for your patience~
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  6. i have a plan to make my hybrid vio build for both of her penetration rate up to 100%(or close to 100%), will my violet give full damage like seha did to enemy boss?
  7. I see, thank you very much for replying :3 How do I request close for this? I need this post closed once the problem is fixed or something right? TY.
  8. ahh, i see, do you know if the hair pieces will be available for all the other classes in the near future? Are they in the korean version? I didn't notice that my earlier post for this is posted since i can't find it, or I just suck at finding it... how to I close these posts? To avoid spam or something? TY
  9. I think the hair is only for Wildhuter classes currently.
  10. Hai hai welcome to C:C i hope you enjoy your stay~
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  12. So I crafted Seth's Kindergarten Package recently and I noticed she got the hair piece. When I crafted Tina's from I think last year she didn't have it, and when I check my inventory on her she really didn't have it. I just want to know if specific characters only has the hair piece or it was recently added with the new patches? If ever it was recently added can you give me or do I need to craft another if ever it's available now on Tina too? TY in advance.
  13. gracias si queires agregame al whatsapp 34+646172811 asi tenemos comunicación , saludos
  14. well, this server is like 99% pve and 1% pvp if im right.
  15. I will try that thanks i still think it show the signal icon well since im the only one using wifi right now.if it works or not (i will edit this message) it didn’t work i tried something else so far is working ok.well now i crashed and says SigsegHandler any ideas what is that? I restarted my pc and is working again (just in case i dont have a router) i did what you told me step by step, turn off pc,then go to the modem and unplug it,after that i waited 60 seconds then i turned the modem back on.i wait till all the lights are stable and then i turned my pc back on but the issue still persists,any ideas? If anyone come with plug my pc to the modem i can’t do that also when this issue happens my only way to resume it is to fully close the game after that and re open it, it works fine till i get the same situation later on
  16. I get this from time to time as well and almost always the solution is as simple as power cycling my connection. I find that the icon is unreliable, to the point where it will still indicate a strong and stable connection despite my internet being completely dead.
  17. as all you can see my connection is fine i didnt lost connection but i keep getting this with all my characters.i read j causes this type of crashes after some time so i got him deleted but this just keep happening.i hope it will be fixed.any further questions about this,don’t hestitate anyone to ask i dont mind answering it step by step how i get this issue.what i do know is that this is not my connection issue.
  18. You have one more week to get your applications in! If you're looking to apply, please do so ASAP! Any application that's submitted after this time frame will not be considered!
  19. git gud I don't know about balance in recent years, but in my time I've played CN with so-so gears for PvP and held up against some of the more popular/rich players. kek Sorry to say, not too many people PvP. Distance lag doesn't help either. But anyway, welcome to C:C. Hope you enjoy your stay here. If you're ever interested in Harpy, don't hesitate to ask me. (I don't PvP though so I can't help you when it comes to that)
  20. Hi guys ! I am new here as you have noticed. I played at Elsword for several years and got tired of spending all my money getting items and losing PvP against people who are not better (far from it) but just with better equipment and / or a cheated class (Laby ...). Anyway, I heard about this game and more specifically the private server and I decided to try it. I like the game so far (I have a Violet lvl 62), and I hope that the PvP will live up to my expectations. Yes, I am a PvP guy from Europe for you to know. I hope to see you all in-game ! I'm Aeysa in-game btw
  21. agregame mi nick es kelmyami estoy on las 24 horas
  22. Apologies, server had crashed. Should be back online now!
  23. agregame mi nick es SirLuiSs, no entro mucho por la universidad pero te puedo ayudar en lo que pueda
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