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  2. hey guys, i just started to play this game again and i just wanted to say hi! ♡ my usernames - Bai: MonNuage Seth: AkaTsuki
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  5. You only need one of the wing accessories and it will count towards the 10/10, ie. left, right, or the full wings.
  6. btw, those left and right wings of dragonic, can i have only one side and it will count as back in the signature set? or i need to have both of em for it to count?
  7. Neither will. You'll only get the 5/5 stats, but none of the costume effects such as special idle animations or portraits pertaining to the sets(as shown in the spoiler below). Those effects are specific to the full 10/10 sets only, so you'd have to have the rest of the set in your inventory in order to equip the idle/portraits of either set.
  8. in that case, i have 3 bod and 3 dragonic, which idle animation will trigger?
  9. You can, as long as the items are in your inventory. So no, that's not a bug. Besides, it counts as 2/10, for example, because BoD, Dragonic, Cyber, ZW and Nightfall all fall under the category "Signature Set", so they synergy with each other for the 10/10, for example.
  10. i have the weapon from bod, and the chest from dragonic, what i see is that the signature set is highlighting the weapon and the chest saying 2/10, can i have 3 bod and 3 dragonic, and still getting the idle animation or that is just a bug?
  11. There are only 3 BB Cores, one for each damage type, and thus it doesn't matter which boss drops it so long as you have the psi Core. The same thing applies to BB Mod sets; only one set exists for each damage type.
  12. Does every core drop from bb boss is good for seth or is there a spesific type of core?
  13. Same here, last winter event unluckily i just enter C:C so unable to craft the dzw, what a pity.
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  15. please add a rare costume once again like dzw in the winter one , I would appreciate that
  16. plss add atleast +14 craftable booster like the last event xd.
  17. I hope the rewards will be worth the difficulty and struggle the event dungeon gives, whether drop or craft wise unlike the previous event dungeon the above video shown.
  18. I plan to try add something difficult for the veteran players to struggle with while still having the regular easy and hard content for people.
  19. it's all about rewards or challenging content ~ i don't mind if you plan on doing a similar event as this one to be honest. This is the kind of event that we miss a bit in C:C , for the rewards i trust you guys for giving us a ton of goodies.
  20. Start is whenever it's finished developing. End is likely going to be 4 weeks+ plus as 2-3 weeks seem way to short. We will likely run the event as long as we think people will keep interest in it.
  21. We don't know when it starts but it usually ends 2-6 weeks after starting the event, depending on how they develop it.
  22. When is the event start and end?
  23. It's an ultra rare drop in Purification: Hell and Purification: Overflood dungeons
  24. Where can i get this item?
  25. Okay, I'm just curious when the quest is available for me. Btw thanks for your information
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