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  3. No eta, but I honestly want to see one already. I miss 'em so much lol.
  4. Hi our last Divine Battle is already some month ago and i just want ask when we get the next one ?
  5. Gear progression goes something like this: clear the quests in Dimension Ops Center to get Disaster gear run David and Irina in Guro Station once each to get I/D gear (should come in a box after you clear them for the first time) clear quests in Planar Gate and farm crafting materials to get Extreme gear start farming Purification Ops Center for Puri gear get a core and transcend it to max mods are optional based on whether or not you want to buy a Valhalla mod set get the recommended Nito receiver for your character and transcend it to max you can either farm the lv83 trinket set first, or go directly to the lv87 trinket set if you can find carries alternatively, like Freir suggests, you can skip points 1. and 2. in the above section and start working on BB gear right away get a core and mods and transcend them to max get a trigger set (red is the crowd favorite but orange is also a viable option) and transcend it to max after reaching around 2.5m to 3m tcp, start farming Busan raids for crafting mats so that you can craft Busan gear farm Misook for mod (you can also get the receiver but some people see it as a waste of resources) farm Untouchable for trinket set And that's basically about it. It's pretty bare-bones but that's more or less the gear progression given the current meta. By the end of it all your gear should be as follows: - BB core - 2/2 BB mods + Busan mod or Hell mod v2 - 3/3 red or orange trig set - Nito or Busan receiver - 3/3 Puri87 trinket set + 3/3 Busan trinket set
  6. hi, best place to level up is finishing your story first, if violet gonna be your main character for the time being for leveling, just use the gear you've got from quest or drop then at lv75 iirc, go get extreme gears
  7. uhhh go get extreme gear and irina david gear if you have enough power, you can move to purification, and then bb gears or if you got a carry and have enough materials, you can skip purif gear and go straight to bb gears
  8. pretty late, but its at international airport
  9. Yesterday
  10. I'm new to the game, currently i'm leveling my Violet, and I would be very glad if some of you guys could say where's the best place to level up and what to use to do it, and where to gear up the character. I didn't find any other guide saying it so I've had to ask 😁
  11. What should I do when I hit lvl cap? What dungeons to do to start getting gear, etc I'm playing Seth btw
  12. Seth is strongest character in PvE Luna is strongest character in PvP Also Nata is not weak in PvE right now, he's SS tier now due to his rework in current patch. Neither is Harpy, she only looks weak because most people are bad at her.
  13. This thread highkey makes me I can't understand or get into absurd fanservice mainly towards girls. But I'm pretty sure you can find other people with your taste in the C:C Discord Gesu stated above. If you haven't joined already you can [Here]. It's just in case. Also LF> Male Char Pics
  14. Icarus

    CW Bug

    There's a solution in this thread:
  15. Just ask people on C:C discord server and pixiv, there tons of lewd char screenshot Also this is a hotspot for "Anti-male Char" Warriors too lol, LF>Male char pic since ppl focusing on girl only.
  16. Last week
  17. You just need to @ mention me so it shows up like this: @Icarus I'll lock this up for you.
  18. failed? i didn't even participate... when playing closers, especially if your char is female... it's just pantsu shot, after pantsu shot...
  19. The Hotspot For Failed No Nut November Warriors
  20. Yeah I figured... gonna move on as usual. Lock please ♪ (forgot how to ask to a moderator...)
  21. Most revealing I have right now is this:
  22. yeah, lets hope it doesn't become too much... so anyway, i got harpy, yuri, seth(the farmer girl), and bai(just started puri)... my question is; what is the sexiest, most revealing outfits for the female chars you have? if you have a photo of it it would be awesome, but its alright if you haven't. i wanna collect them, see, so if you can post them, please do. who knows, maybe it would add to the player base(?) of guys(perverts! 😍) or maybe some girl players who want to collect for fashion purposes? anyway, would love some pics of your female chars with your best outfits... male chars are ok too, if someone wants to post/brag about it. and yes, it doesn't matter if its not revealing, if you're just here for the fashion!😎 as for me, no proper costumes yet 😅... all i had was the uniform and the base costumes... so focused on getting mats for more transcends...
  23. there's nothing we can do about it, connection lost is usually because of internet connection .... rip
  24. So um... how fun is it to barely manage to find a party for OF to get disconnected... right when you kill the boss without getting the loot Is there something that can be done for this or I just gotta put up with it while biting my lips until it bleeds?
  25. i wonder if the craftings will stay for 1 more week after the event.
  26. New video has been uploaded!


  27. Bai and Seth damage on PvP is not that big as it is in PvE, given their hitboxes, flinches, etc. I would say that Luna, Seha, J and Nata shine there the most, but all in all, it depends on how skilled the player is.
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