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  3. so yea I decided to give closers a try again, and since i'm a lazy guy, I go with code for now. Maining Bai and Violet tho, been a seha and nata guy before but I quitted cos of well Elsword is a relevant game, Grand Chase is still not dead, a bunch of gacha games, and well school
  4. Agents, My apologies for not being around to resolve this issue. The servers will be back online shortly. Have a good day~
  5. Welcome back Mewy !
  6. i play this game with 2 of my brothers ... they always ask me about this downtime issue ... and i don't have any idea, may i suggest that you have to do per week maintenance ? i see a lot of VIPs in your game ... i am concerned if i'll spend real money on this game is it worth ? Sorry for being rude and mean
  7. Kaideh

    hi im back!

    Welcome back! The servers are down right now, but hopefully soon they'll be back. Also, there's a major update on the way. PS: If you're looking for a circle to join after the absent period, Rebellium is recruiting! merchandising time
  8. I'm already in hell lol -.-
  9. welcome to hell :^)
  10. First time joining a forum. My English is bad but i still hope that i can meet new friends ❤️
  11. Unfortunately, I do not have any ETA to share at this time. Either myself or someone else on staff will update this thread once the downtime is resolved, or if there is any other update on the situation. I apologize again for any inconvenience.
  12. The server is still experiencing issues. Please keep all chatter pertaining this to the original report here. I'll be locking this thread.
  13. oh then the server is still down
  14. Lecty07

    hi im back!

    New major update otw! Check out announcements
  15. How long will it take ? i finished watching oregairu season 1 - 2 ... but it's still in a downtime state ?
  16. hi im back on code closers and im currently redownloadng it!! whats new
  17. Then well good to know, we'll just have to wait.
  18. Yup, i tried several minutes ago and there is still no channel i can access..definitely the server still down.
  19. Damn son, it's also down on my end
  20. I too don't see any servers I can select so i'm clueless. I just signed up today.
  21. On my computer the server is still down, I wanted to know if they're up for anyone else?
  22. Lagged for a minute then disconnected. After that, the quest is gone. No change, no new skills, nothing Account: Dracala Avatar: IsekaiMajou
  23. Please do not post one word/image/etc. replies, as it is considered post farming and may lead to a warning point. Since your question was answered, would you like your thread to be locked?
  24. Yesterday
  25. Please do not necro threads. A thread that hasn't been replied to in 2 weeks is considered dead. I'll be locking this up.
  26. So you only obtain them from doing gacha? you don't get them elsewhere? like bonus from loading/donating?
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