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  3. I reinstall my laptop and lost all my program data including Code:Closers and try to download the installer from website but it said "500 Internal Server Error" please help me
  4. This is not a bug, special agent, regular agent and other customes specific to the character, not to level up
  5. Im charlie brown

    1. Windy


      honks ur nose 

  6. So this is some bug, glitch of Soma ? I heared my friend have same issue on him Bai too... https://imgur.com/eQMRIuX
  7. i hope to god that the unique set merge has a 100% success rate cause otherwise the supply for the set (and the rare sets too probably) will be terrible.
  8. If you mean this: Please follow this form properly.
  9. Yesterday
  10. me pretending i can solo things with my barely 70k tcp

    i just wanna hit cap bruh

  11. I've become a Christmas movie character
    it's me im charlie brown

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    2. Doom


      doo doodooooooo doo doodooooooo doo doodooooooo doo doodooooooo 

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      doododuedededeuduedoooo deedeeeeeee deeeedeeee deeedeeee

    4. Doom
  12. IGN: Aurius Entry: Digital Description : Imagine if our ship finally sail in christmas (seha-bi) WIP~
  13. is it another credit sink event like the last 2 event?
  14. Well, if we were on events one after another they wouldn't be called ''events'', right~? Still we may have some cool update soon, since's they're new characters and area in the mother server!
  15. Just to be sure, since it kept bugging me. . I have a little question about CODE: Creation here. I just saw about the "form" since it's not there in the past post. So do we need to put it exactly like the form? Or can we just write the nicknames and the description with how we want it to be, without following the exact form? Thanks in advance
  16. *gasp* the event that's an event!! hot dang, i'm in... no eta......... rats...
  17. IGN: Vanzy Entry: Traditional Description (Optional): imagine when levia visited your house in santa clothes uwu
  18. next event will be no eta, not at monday later ... XD
  19. Like Rulebook said, you just need to @ mention me to lock threads up, since I'm a forum moderator (Forum Analyst).
  20. well that consideration is make me happy... sad .. that credit exploid cant they just rollback the chara that exploit it ... i hope next monday have better event like credit event or 0 credit for sp book.... and more cheap event costume...
  21. Unless another Credit exploit or something similar pops up, the next event won't be a Credit sink. No ETA on that, though snide remarks sure will not make it come any faster. 100% success rate for merging only ever occurs during the first few weeks of a Rare Costume's release, and only for that specific Rare Costume. Thus, would be extremely unlikely for 100% BoD success rate to be implemented for the next event, whenever that may be. Adding the Synchro Fiber variants to event crafts for the next event might be considered, though there is zero guarantee that it will happen.
  22. hope they will give us new event that really called an event and not throwing money simulator and maybe BoD merge 100% again or fiber ( all kind) craftable
  23. Last week
  24. IGN: Hyungang (Wolfgang) Entry: Traditional Description: Ask Santa what you want for Christmas, he'll make your dreams come true!
  25. opening my violet and finding 130m and sealed cybernetics wings its like christmas morning

  26. In the future, you can ask Icarus to lock your things.
  27. Hi, i remember in other server, we can with some files add the voices to the chars in the main quests, downloading some files and putting it on the game directory. Is here something similar? (here with some CODE official files for this?) I'm not asking for the jp voices (yes yes, i would like), with the kr voices i'm fine :3 Thx
  28. thanks! i'll think about it some more. @Rulebook /any mods lock for me?
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