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  2. oooh i see, so i can assume that youre still leveling Nata and currently on Official Operative?. Well Id really prefer having all the skills in my skill slot because like i said, Nata has high on cooldown especially at the early stage since you dont have that much CDR on your stats and maybe this will help you for your skill build up while lvling up your nata At 1st i just lvl up all my skills up to 10 and lv6 for FMs. As for the passive i just max their lvls; Reinforce power, Critical blow, Back dmg, Critical Phase force, and a lilbit of Air dmg. And then ill put the extra sp on the burst/nuke dmg of Nata and after doing Plane Gate quest, getting Special Agent, and hitting lvl70. Your skill build should be like this For me yes, cuz you need a tons of things to put it up on your skill slot on end game. Like Pots, Buffs, Pets skill, puri hell yod trinkets (lvl83 shield). But if youre fine without them, its alright
  3. for starter you might want to join active circle that can carry you to get endgame gear materials easier do all available gremory quest to unlock all PNA then get extreme gear set> irina david trinket> purification core and module t5 > bb core and module t5 and don't forget to do Hell, Overflood, Wolfgang, Hoffman Daily to craft their shield because it'll take a quite a lot of time to farm their materials (roughly a month and half if you do it daily) don't waste you credit to get s tunes on early gear, a or b tunes are good enough
  4. I've described the starting gear for purification ops dungeons and some more explanations about them here: Gathering all PG gear will take a while so for now don't bother with 12-man Beelzebub raid. Whether you need BB weapon or not depends on your character and i'd still recommend to gather Puri gear before heading to the newest lategame. You can ask your guildies to carry you for Wolfgang and Hoffman, though, since the trinkets from these raids take some time to stack up the mats for them. For now just gear up for Purification Ops and start working on the gear it offers.
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  6. go for the purification dungeons., there you get you core which can be awakended, modules too, increase you PNA level too by by doing purification and running the dungeons in planet gate add me on discord so i can give you a more in deep guide, Bolsa#7371
  7. So, recently arrived at lvl 86, and i'm lost af. What order of early end-game content and late end-game content should i do? i dont appear to have enough tcp to do nothing. Sitting on about 160k, and i've guessed the next step is to do the vitus and mephisto ops to get extreme gear, which should get me to around 220k. So, after that, what? Put chips on everything? Tune itens to S attributes? Irina and David? Doing a 400k tcp ops with 220k sounds like a looong shot to me. But basically it's just that. Please help me understand the order in which things should be done so i can sit in those sweet 4 millions tcp and be forced to disable my damage coz they would be so high they would flood my screen. Thanks in advance.
  8. me? lol XD I'm playing every once in a while, just not like before where you can see me online for a few hours XD
  9. better to transfer the mats to craft it onto another char
  10. Yes they can be transferred via Grem Box. However, they are all character-exclusive so you can't (as per your example) transfer a full set from Seha to Luna and have Luna be able to use it.
  11. Hi guys you know if I can pass hell trincket on another character with the gremory box Exemple I have full hell set with seha If I send on luna changes the set?awekening skill?
  12. Surprised you alive ^
  13. Seth : Awoo Me : What a noisy animal..
  14. you were coming back, hmmm never saw which part of your message was "I'M BACK". but since you are coming back... WELCOME BACK!!!
  15. She will have another Reset on FM1 after SA xd
  16. Thank you so much! Will do!
  17. Welcome back and Enjoy playing here with your guildmates!
  18. Welcome back and Have fun playing!
  19. Welcome back I suppose? xD...
  20. Yikes. This was literally me coming back, but ok. Whatever you say, Captain Crunch.
  21. you will not be missed sometimes I wish those players threatening or posting something like this, have their account deleted, kinda irritating that they are saying something like "game is boring", "no updates up until now" if they think something like this, I wanna say is... "MAKE YOUR OWN SERVER THAT IS BETTER THAN THIS" it's not easy running your own server, tried it once, didn't even lasted a month, and there are idiots keeps saying something like this.
  22. Thank you so much for this guide; as a Nata player myself, this really helped me a lot! Also, quick question, is there any recommended/must skills to put in the skill slot? Since promoting to 3rd, I've been having issues due to selection of what skills I should bring to PvE. Would be great if there's a recommended skill set to put as well! (Oh, and is it worth to buy the premium quick slots? :O)
  23. Hhhh I actually joined the server! Just that I don't really talk a lot there since it seems awkward for me :'D lmaooo although it's a lil buggy, I'm just glad my weak laptop could handle the game
  24. Hello. Most of you might not know me. Im Jenova. Im psycho, a crybaby, and emotionally unstable (best skillset ever) I also am gay. Ok, bye. See you never!
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  26. Lylan

    Missing files

    Unfortunately... it still didnt work for him.
  27. Bolsa

    Seth guide

    PSI power PSI penetration Air/Chase/Back/Damage HP Psi/Phy Defense
  28. Lan

    Missing files

    If you've already tried diagnosing and updating DirectX, .NET frameworks, and Microsoft C++ Visual Packs, my next best suggestion would be to add the client to your anti-virus/firewall exceptions' list, as that could also be posing an issue. However, the items you listed as missing are all linked to the programs mentioned, so if you've already done those steps then reinstalling the client may be another option to try.
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