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  2. I don't know I love throwing money simulators if the deal is good enough but if you love your game you should support it In all honesty don't believe any person who claims to be 100% free to play They are all are either semi free2play or whale. The semi free2play just have an inferiority complex against whales so they try to lie and say they never loaded. Everybody gives in to temptation its part of the addiction. The best thing you can do is accept it,be honest with yourself and others, also not judge others for spending money. Pride+salt+envy=temptation for shortcuts. In a financial perspective you do not need to load much to prosper on a game like this.
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  4. wassup with version check error?
  5. This reply feels oddly defensive although i might be misinterpreting it. Because honestly the event could kinda be summarized with with the phrase "good idea bad execution". The costs were really really high but having the diversity of choices was neat. Having a custom boss would have been neat since it couldn't be done on time we got seha which isn't a very good boss. The 2020 coins were neat but if you have 3 options that are way better than the others then it doesn't really work. RIP F2P cosmetic economy got blended cause naddic wanted money. I'm being hyperbolic of course but the unique cash-only seal is so stupid.
  6. Hello agents! The CODE: Closers network is going offline for a maintenance!  There is no estimated time when it'll be back up, so please be patient with us! - Winter Crafting has officially been removed - The fireworks event has been disabled and the event buff has been removed Prizes are being manually sent out after this maintenance, so if you've won something, please be patient! - Login screens have been updated back to their usual images and all Christmas/New Years have been removed - All assets that showed the old Gacha have been updated to display the new one! Have a wonderful week Agents!
  7. Agent, Events are not there to be made super easy, they're content that reward you for your efforts related to some form of seasonal event (i.e. Winter). Jabbing at the efforts of the team because it wasn't 3 clicks and done is rather ungrateful if you don't mind me saying so. Have a nice day~
  8. Just as a heads up, maintenance today will be after Overflow closes ~ around 16:00 server time! Please be sure to use up all event materials before then!
  9. It is swimsuit season

    Merry christmas

  10. Last week
  11. No promises whatsoever that this will be the case. Will the success rate be temporarily increased for the release? Maybe. Will it be increased to 100%? Extremely unlikely. By the way, as far as I know the unique costumes can only be sealed once and requires a unique cash-only seal to do so. In other words, supply is going to be pretty limited in any situation and most people will have to Synchro it for themselves. Rare 6/6 is generally easier to get in C:C than in officials, though, so there's that at least. Two things I want to say to this: We literally just had an event to help new players like 2 months ago, where stuff that would otherwise have cost money were given out for free. I'm not sure why this concept is lost on so many people, but the point of Assault Mode was to reward players who have demonstrated a certain level of effort and dedication. Think of it as extra allowance for a straight-A's report card, or bonus pay for being employee of the month. You can expect something similar from future events, not all of them, but definitely some. If you don't want to miss out, all you have to do is keep playing until you reach that level.
  12. As a more recent player I feel like the event all in all is a nice concept but the cost for the crafts is causing it to be poorly executed. I know the new update is tomorrow and my post is probably irrelevant at this point but it seems lots of players agree this isn't great for new players or even vets because of the huge cost for the crafts, I've bearly made enough for a costume craft and I've ran through most of the story already. The market already seems in disarray and even though I'd love to donate it's looking like I shouldn't because of the lack of people actually selling or buying anything, don't know if it's because of the exhaustion of the event or otherwise but I dunno. The rotation is also kinda Meh in my opinion..
  13. yep hope when mirae and chulseo release there will be event that help new player and old player and not high TCP'ed player event like darksehaa from hell 1hit KO in yesterday event
  14. I reinstall my laptop and lost all my program data including Code:Closers and try to download the installer from website but it said "500 Internal Server Error" please help me
  15. This is not a bug, special agent, regular agent and other customes specific to the character, not to level up
  16. Im charlie brown

    1. Windy


      honks ur nose 

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      Im charlie brown but now my nose is honked

  17. So this is some bug, glitch of Soma ? I heared my friend have same issue on him Bai too... https://imgur.com/eQMRIuX
  18. i hope to god that the unique set merge has a 100% success rate cause otherwise the supply for the set (and the rare sets too probably) will be terrible.
  19. If you mean this: Please follow this form properly.
  20. me pretending i can solo things with my barely 70k tcp

    i just wanna hit cap bruh

  21. I've become a Christmas movie character
    it's me im charlie brown

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  22. IGN: Aurius Entry: Digital Description : Imagine if our ship finally sail in christmas (seha-bi) WIP~
  23. is it another credit sink event like the last 2 event?
  24. Well, if we were on events one after another they wouldn't be called ''events'', right~? Still we may have some cool update soon, since's they're new characters and area in the mother server!
  25. Just to be sure, since it kept bugging me. . I have a little question about CODE: Creation here. I just saw about the "form" since it's not there in the past post. So do we need to put it exactly like the form? Or can we just write the nicknames and the description with how we want it to be, without following the exact form? Thanks in advance
  26. *gasp* the event that's an event!! hot dang, i'm in... no eta......... rats...
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