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  2. Thank you very much note that hearts automatically come out when someone else likes you.
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  4. IGN: ChenShinHua I finished long time ago but i decide to upload it now I am VERY SORRY that i done this on CSP but my license just died... IF YOU WANT A FIX, I WILL TRY TO FIX IT IN ANOTHER MEAN OR GET THE FREE LICENSE (hope for me) Title for Character Potrait: It is Yuri's Summer Preview (JPEG): Size: 1024 x 1024 (original pict size) 512 x 512 128x128 VER. 1 128 x 128 VER. 2
  5. Title Card: Stay Fresh! Title Card: Tropical Fruit Punch Title Card: Fruit Flavored IGN: Polarlight
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  7. IGN : AeLuna Frame Fresh Summer For frame look in game
  8. @shiba11 Please read CODE: Recolour's rules before posting. Please change your entry or it may be disqualified.
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  10. @Icarus Not sure, but I think @shiba11 frames might not work in game. They are full-cover ones (only one is halfy done as "frame") It does look like image just rubbered on one side, but it's just my opinion. I don't know how much you allow people to interract with others works (as e.g. taking images and using them w/o any editing)
  11. i just crafted a vuture corp. operative package on code:fusion, but i got timed costume (*1, 7 days) i hope u guys fix it ASAP
  12. Please post the screenshots to Imgur so we can view them.
  13. I've moved your thread to the correct section for you. In the future, please use this thread to discuss the new update:
  14. i made it to st10 with my 5m TCP tein, even though it takes 7-10 minutes per run
  15. Perfect dodge is the most broken mechanic in this game. If you can't get the bear stuck on the dungeon obstacles, learn to perfect dodge it first. Might require high move speed or a good mobility skill to outrun it while you wait out your iframes before you can dodge again (Yuri has her Lunging Slash and Supersonic Slash, for example). You could use that time to cast a quick skill or reposition to get it stuck.
  16. ayuda por favor, hace unos momentos intente entrar al juego pero me salie esto justo en el momento en que intenta cargar el xincode, intente todo, borre y diasnostique y nada por favor si alguien le a pasado y sabe como solucionarlo por favor le pido que me ayude tambien u.u https://ibb.co/x1WXsgM https://ibb.co/bKs1ZXd
  17. Clearing dungeon is simple u can try to practice in hallucinations if u are new to the game but then try the real if u are confident that u will clear it , the thing is also if u are with end game gear u can clear the dungeon without any problem , also one more thing git gut
  18. may i ask the chars u guys are playing and what's the current tcp of ur mid to end game crew members? Idk cause a lot of 6-7m's in my crew and clearing it with no trouble The chars they play is Mirae/seulbi/Luna/Tina
  19. When I wrote that the economy was bad, that was exactly what I was thinking about when I wrote. In my view, as a PRIVATE SERVER, rare acc shouldn't cost that much. It is insane that you have to farm 5b to buy 4 accs. And unfortunately, rare and unique customs cannot be ignored as they give good status. When to focus new players on customs: Try to understand them. You start a game now and all you want is a cool look, at the same time that you want to be strong. I keep telling them to wait for events, because they are going to get some costumes to wear for a moment. Okay, we have ways to pass, but that doesn't make the stage problem less. He's still there. And for me I do it, it is not 100% of the time it works. There should be a way to contain it, without doing it desperately and using bugs. I have several players in my crew who are getting to know the game now and are already in the mid / end game gear. With good status and TCP, and they are still unable to complete this dungeon. Once again I can only see that if half a dozen can do it, you will not do anything about it. We are back to square one. I really think the game should be playable and fun for everyone. (I stayed in stage 7 because it really has been the problem, but we cannot ignore that in other stages of the dungeon it has some bugs that have already been reported in the other post)
  20. As far as I know, this was not promised or guaranteed in any capacity, and certainly not for today. The most the staff have said is that we might consider making changes to the dungeon if anything arises that is truly insurmountable. As the person above clearly demonstrated, there is an effective out to Stage 7. Therefore, at this time, we have decided that no action needs to be taken. This is not why the higher-level Grem Boxes were removed; they were removed because they were deemed to be too good of an item for this dungeon. On that note, Common Grem Boxes still drop and that seemed to be the version most often sold, so I don't think this change will affect the economy to any significant degree. But I stress again that the economy isn't why the other Grem Boxes were removed. You don't need to cash in order to beat this dungeon. All it truly requires is endgame gear and knowledge on the mechanics, neither of which needs cash. Honestly, you don't even need full endgame gear to beat this dungeon; I know people who beat this while still using Puri83 stuff and suffering an ilvl penalty. The only thing that might need cash is enhancements and tuning, but even then the server offers you plenty of free solutions even outside of events. The new custom content was designed to be for players who are deep in endgame or have already done with endgame. Since this is a permanent addition and not a temporary event, we saw no need for it to be readily available to all levels. New players will not be able to access the content right away, but they will be able to eventually. All they need to do is progress through the game as normal, and sooner or later they will reach a stage where they can run the dungeon and access the content.
  21. Economy isn't bad though. Just pgc and SS acc imo but alright. One could say costume prices are bad but its only bad the day of release because of hype. New players shouldn't be trying to aim for those and instead should be focusing on gearing which imo isnt economy destroying. The new custom dungeon is designed for mid to end game players so again new players shouldn't rly try to full clear a dg thats not designed for them. You get the PNA stage 5 anyways which doesn't rly take effort to clear if u play it right. Regarding stage 7 ppl have already found ways to beat it and in fact ik some ppl who cleared stage 7 at 5m tcp and not just stage 7, full clear. Keep in mind this is a KOREAN mmorpg. These games are meant to be farm heavy and u can very well easily farm youself to end game without spending a penny. Paying in this game is to progress faster. If u wanna get discouraged from the game cause u cant clear a dungeon that's not designed for newer players, then i guess cya later. (If you're not a new player I apologize in advance)
  22. Good morning, good afternoon, good night. I've been trying not to get stressed and freak out with this new custom dungeon, but it is so difficult for me and I feel that if I don't get out, I will get discouraged from the game. Everybody I talked to this week complained to me about stage 7, and when I read the topic about the dungeon on the forum, I also saw some complaints about that stage there. I was very anxious to tell my crew friends that they would be able to go beyond stage 7, that there would be some update where it became playable. But... no You only worried about a drop that would probably affect the economy (which is already bad) I'm starting to wonder if you really want new players or those who can't buy cash to stay in the game. (I'm sorry if I posted in the wrong place and didn't use tags, I really avoid posting things on the forum)
  23. Agents, The CODE: Closers network is now back online! Thanks again for your patience, Have a great weekend~ This maintenance will have a small server side change to the Bearland - Nightmare dungeon. Due to the excessive nature of how many of these items were dropping, the following items have been completely removed from Bearland - Nightmare drops: Gremory's Greater Dimensional Box Gremory's Special Dimensional Box As of today as well, we would like to note that we will be having a stability maintenance (or patch maintenance if needed) every Friday unless otherwise noted. We'd like to give you guys come consistancy with maintenance rather then leave it up to guess work if there will be one on Fridays or not! Thank you for your patience and have a wonderful weekend!
  24. IGN: BlueRev Character Portrait: Violet - Rose Dress WIP
  25. Since your problem was solved, would you like your thread to be locked?
  26. Thank you the patcher is fix now
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