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  1. Just to be sure, since it kept bugging me. . I have a little question about CODE: Creation here. I just saw about the "form" since it's not there in the past post. So do we need to put it exactly like the form? Or can we just write the nicknames and the description with how we want it to be, without following the exact form? Thanks in advance
  2. trying to participate the traditional art! IGN: CleresciaEntry: TraditionalDescription (Optional): It's Luna opening her Christmas Gift! Fertig! (It means finished in Germany) ♪ - progress - ♪
  3. Welcome baack Probably there's a lot of changes and upgrades in c:c, so good luck too, and have fun!
  4. Hello and welcome You can add me anytime. You can come to ch12 if you're looking for some friends to play with. Just look for me, Clerescia ~
  5. Most of us are walking wardrobe anyway I just recently active in community also, so I haven't introduce myself like this, but I've been playing quite a while. Also.. welcome to C:C community
  6. Welcome to C:C Hope you enjoy your stay here!
  7. I love late introductions, me myself haven't introduce myself in this forum lol Btw, hello too Hope you enjoy playing here in C:C
  8. Seisera


    Hello~! Welcome to C:C, hope you enjoy playing here~
  9. Well yeah.. they have Chinese and Taiwan server, and it's more rocketing than KR server itself.. so RIP.. . 希望你在这里过得愉快
  10. Hello hello, and welcome to C:C!! I'm Chinese, but I don't live in China, neither can I speak Chinese lololol. But I can speak a little like this 我在游戏中的昵称是Clerescia。 很高兴见到你! Hope to see you in game soon~ I love this
  11. To be honest, the event is fine for me, except the assault one lolol. I spend quite a lot for this game, yet can't even get some nice craft from 2020 coins, because my tcp is low enough and not geared due to my real life work. I'm happy with any other else, but I'm thinking that the 2020 coin or assault is not helpful for new players also. For credits cost.. yeah.. I agree with this post . No hard feelings, just stating what's in my mind
  12. I hope this might help. Well everyone's opinion is different, but here's my opinion If you're talking about PVE : Yuri, his range is most likely smallest than any other character. High speed too, not having lots of damage like wildhuters or any true damage like Seha. But yea, hybrid. For control in PVE, not all people can play Violet too, his attack mostly use normal attack "z". Most of my friends protest that playing Vio is hard, especially if it's not at Official Agent yet. Luna has big damage, but hard to control. Well yeah, her damage relies on something that I still don't get it. And she's as tough as gold, very hard. I don't quite know about PVP, since I play it for fun only but : I think Harpy is hard to use, her grab is different than others. She has three types of grab but you can only use two. Her skill "Sonic Boom" has small range but if you made it into "EX : Sonic Boom" the range will be bigger, but not everyone can use this. I find it hard to grab using "EX : Sonic Boom", you just really need to be good to use this. She also don't have lots of iframe, neither super armor. That's all I know, I'm not very familiar with PVP yet, so sorry if I'm wrong.
  13. Well, it's not a must to cash for this game. But if you want to progress faster and want to be in the top players, well yes you will cash in game. But from my experience, you can farm credits in this game to get rare costumes from blackmarket. So my answer will be no. Rare costume set is not a must, I can't say that it gives a big boost or something, but it will give you some boost if you complete the set. But a lot of people are fine withouth those rare costumes, it's just fashion for me I hope that helps~
  14. Hello hello~ first of all welcome to C:C! If you need any help regarding in games you can ask me! Also, have fun! Hope I can see you around~
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