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  1. Operating System : Windows 10 Hard drive type : HDD (main) Amount of RAM : 8GB How it happened..? For me.. it happened everytime when I'm in the middle of loading or entering to dungeon, not alone though, always happened everytime when I party. It starts with a sudden error and then a "Please wait..." will come out. Later on an "Error has been detected, please send dump files" appeared. It looks like this, (sorry for the bad photo, I took it from my phone). After that I can't do anything else except pressing the enter key, and theeen I got disconnected, more like a force close tho. I restart the launcher and re-login, and it's fine, but later on it will start that dump files again, etc. I already tried to diagnose, and it still appeared. As for this photo I took, here's the history.. I already login for quite a long time, and I changed characters a few time, from Yuri to Mirae, and some other characters... (I'm taking some materials from other characters). After that I did some dungeon run with my bf. I'm using Yuri here and it's still fine before. After that we decide to run a crew dungeon, it's in the first run, still fresh 3/3. After that suddenly an error appeared, and continued with the please wait thing, and the send dump files. The detail is in the How it happened..? thing, and here I'm just gonna list down the area I visit and the dungeon I run before. Since this happened 2 days ago, so I still remembered it Before that, I'm sorry, I forgot which character I login at first, but I think it's Yuri. I login in channel 12. The area I visit is most probably Reverse Theater, the normal Theater, Purification Ops, the Scrap Iron (Rattus' start area) and Gangnam. I went in and out the Circle Hideout a few times. For the crew dungeon and buffs. It crashed when I'm inside the crew dungeon stage 2. Before I did the crew dungeon stage 2, I did some Beelzebub Boss with my crewmates. I finished the BB Boss until limit. Then, I went to Purification Ops only to open the full craft list of CODE:Fusion, and I went to the normal theater to check out Magra, and yes, I did some Magra dungeon. I did the Solo Magra, and the Challenge with my bf again, the data of the characters are at the When I'm partying thing. For the proper time when did I enter this one or that one, it should be: BB Boss > Magra > Crew Dungeon S2. I did all of them using Yuri. The one that visited the Purification Ops area and above is, of course, only Yuri, because she's the only max level at this moment. Scrap Iron is for Mirae, and Gangnam is for Violet and Tina, still at their starting area. Info for the Character's and Account My account name: Seisera Nicknames: Yuri = Clerescia Mirae = Herschel Violet = Christle Tina = Anelace Crew name : SPLASH (I'm writing this since, it crashed when I'm inside a Circle Dungeon) What I craft and buy No, sorry, I don't remember any of this. But I do remember I bought some Fly King's Wish ticket for Beelzebub Boss from the Order Shop. When I'm partying All I remember is when I did the crew dungeon. The situation is, I'm using Yuri, and the party mate is my bf, he's using Chulsoo and the nickname is Helixius (you can see it from the photo). Yes, I crashed, but my party mates did not got disconnected neither they crash. I don't remember who I party with when I did the BB Boss, but I think the characters are Seha, Bai, and Mirae. All from the same crew as me. Oh we did have some problems here, we got disconnected like chaining, I got disconnetec and then the Mirae was also disconnected after me, and when I login again, the Bai and Seha was still online, I think the Bai afk'ed for a while, I got invited by the Seha again too continue our party, and suddenly the Bai disconnected and he's not online again. This happened after the first run, from BB Boss Hands. When I logged back in No, I didn't get any error such as not enough memory system, I logged out manually too, not from disconnected. That's all I remembered when the crash happened. I hope this helps
  2. In my opinion, I don't really look at it, but I think this server is quite crowded, if you see the number of members in the discord server, it's more than 1200 members. The economy usually everything goes down when there's an event, but it's not stabilized.. so.. idk.. For the gacha, yes I surely like the rates here, it's better. not gonna answer Yea better, for me. What I like about C:C is: The staffs answer what the players ask or complain, they communicate now in the discord server (not like the old server). They're fun to chat too. This server has events, and it's routine. (Just see the Staff Event or so in the forum) Custom content. Ye, I like this a lot. They even made an event for the players to compete and the winner will get their content inserted in game. (Check the CODE:Recolor I guess..?) ++++++ EXP RATE, which helps me a lot, since I'm a lazy person who don't like to do leveling. I'm so sorry if my English is bad, still not used to grammars and such.
  3. I like the new looks for the new discord server ! It looks more nicer with some photos for the rules, I like the update too! Thanks for your hardwork (-for the staff)
  4. I want to ask, about the CODE: Recolor.. For the character portrait, can we make our own design including the clothes etc..? This one, I'm asking for the frame and title contest. Can we use other artists work and redesign or add some other things? (Of course will leave credits. But if it's not allowed, then I won't use it.) Additional question : "Can the winner of the last edition of this contest can join again?" Thanks in advance.
  5. Just to be sure, since it kept bugging me. . I have a little question about CODE: Creation here. I just saw about the "form" since it's not there in the past post. So do we need to put it exactly like the form? Or can we just write the nicknames and the description with how we want it to be, without following the exact form? Thanks in advance
  6. Welcome baack Probably there's a lot of changes and upgrades in c:c, so good luck too, and have fun!
  7. Hello and welcome You can add me anytime. You can come to ch12 if you're looking for some friends to play with. Just look for me, Clerescia ~
  8. Most of us are walking wardrobe anyway I just recently active in community also, so I haven't introduce myself like this, but I've been playing quite a while. Also.. welcome to C:C community
  9. Welcome to C:C Hope you enjoy your stay here!
  10. I love late introductions, me myself haven't introduce myself in this forum lol Btw, hello too Hope you enjoy playing here in C:C
  11. Seisera


    Hello~! Welcome to C:C, hope you enjoy playing here~
  12. Well yeah.. they have Chinese and Taiwan server, and it's more rocketing than KR server itself.. so RIP.. . 希望你在这里过得愉快
  13. Hello hello, and welcome to C:C!! I'm Chinese, but I don't live in China, neither can I speak Chinese lololol. But I can speak a little like this 我在游戏中的昵称是Clerescia。 很高兴见到你! Hope to see you in game soon~ I love this
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