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  1. Soma: EgaoKyouka After failed. Exit and found out that it's gone Only +10 enhanced I didn't use any support Yes. T1 with silver border
  2. Puri harpas module Before destroyed: t1
  3. no I meant transcendence I just fail transcendence a module and it's gone
  4. who in the world put this on? Like transcendences weren't hard enough now this?!!
  5. dracala

    Seth guide

    does anyone know when will SA Seth will arrive? I mean I'm not asking TF yet but just SA arrive would be nice
  6. dracala

    up-to-date Yuri

    I mean skill build. Yuri is quite alien to me now
  7. dracala

    Current J skill build

    Anyone know how to build the current J? He had been revamped so I don't know how to build him at all
  8. This... is why I hate RNG-related 😠
  9. Does anyone know the trick for Transcendence? I did it over 5 times and all of them are failed. Honestly, the RNG rate is too low...
  10. dracala


    need a full guide of gearing Beelzebub's Gear
  11. dracala

    Seth guide

    what about passive skills? Anyone know how to increase it?
  12. dracala

    Seth guide

    Is there anyone here know about Seth? Anyone?
  13. dracala

    up-to-date Yuri

    Is there anyone have a current version Yuri guide? Please!
  14. Lagged for a minute then disconnected. After that, the quest is gone. No change, no new skills, nothing Account: - Avatar: IsekaiMajou
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