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  1. got it...thanks for respond
  2. actually this problem confuse me because my other game not had this problem......only closers XD
  3. i already diagnose but now work either before launch i have bug to lost dll even after reinstall...both dll not installed so i am do manual download the both dll name is x3audio1_7 and xinput1_3 i will check directx thought my device never had this problem before.... this error come after i do reset and fix
  4. i have bug from my agent 3D models...how i am fix this? this is how my agent looks like : https://imgur.com/a/iTLdWtz
  5. i just crarfted bug from allan but i can't make item from it....what happen here the URL image of my bug somehow can't upload it here https://imgur.com/a/XDB7OVg
  6. my mirae can't enter hub and got endless loading screen when reach 100%
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