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  1. Or perhaps people that are economically smarter are taking advantage of the fact said item might be scarce and bump it up because they can. And if that's the case then I don't see the problem with it. Obviously I'm not saying it's okay to have 2 star levia HK gloves up for 80m when someone's selling for 20m but godspeed if you're the one to buy the one for 80m. Also, consider this, what if there was a peculiar costume that was considered more "rare" for example Salvator Solace Shades in the game that won't be named, logically the price should stand well over the rest as long as the demand correlates with the supply but with a system like that you'd be forced to sell it at what the game tells you to sell it for. Not to be rude towards you or anything but I'm just failing to see your point of view. Overpricing is a problem in every game and it's no different here.
  2. So if we made credits at the speed of sound and probably faster than how long it takes to pull out and type in my credit card info why bother to try to burn in hopes for a costume right just buy it oh wait then nobodies gonna load and sell the costume oh wait if i was the only one with the costume i could sell it for some mad bux because of scarcity value oh wait there's a black market cap.
  3. good heavens i cannot wait to buy every costume piece i ever need and sit on my 2b credit stack walking to the bank like ha ha ha cause i got 5b more credits there ready to buy SOD pieces with a little over a week of effort
  4. It's talking about the Replica dungeons. They're kinda hard so I wouldn't exactly rush to get that quest done. I just x'd it out and moved on since it's not a main quest anyways.
  5. Black


    omg i hate akky kun ever since we were together as kids he kept yelled kakacarrot idk why ugh he's so stubborn. can you plz keep trying my mother is in asia going door to door giving beans to local shaolin temples and i'm working as hard as i can to bring her back but i need akky to follow me it's very important u can foolow me too
  6. Black


    hey @Sierra i know you're akkie kuns friend can i add you and we can be friends and as a friend you can ask rei to folo me back
  7. Black

    Hi Everyone!

    helo agent nari OWO
  8. Black


    /)? touches your ahoge hey plz folo akkie kun y r u do this to mi
  9. Black


    hey can u folo me back o and hi hello welcome to closers codes
  10. Now I'm not calling Seha bad but... whats a king to a god? Or in this case a Seha to a Mistle
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