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  1. @Icarus oops, apologies, I posted it in the wrong section, I thought I selected general discussion, may I ask to move it over there?
  2. I'd like to know if the rank rewards from the event are gonna be based on before yesterday maintenance or next one. If it's the latter, it's kinda disappointing, I know nobody cares about those rewards, but I did my best to get 3rd place right before the maintenance, because I thought you were removing the event and send the rewards right after. Too bad, someone else now got 3rd place (my character on the ranking is Hoshe by the way).
  3. Thank you all for the replies started doing purification but having bad rng on drops, but managed to craft 2x Yod modules and 3x Purification trinkets, the purple colored gem ones, slowly working toward the other ones and eventually upgrade them, also started crafting the quality seals and PNA evolution kits, which are really helping a lot. I'm currently sitting at 1.3m TCP idle, doing purification, contamination hell replica, Gremory lab and Wolfgang on a daily basis, then level other characters for the teamwork buff. Should I do something else on my main or that rotation is fine for now? Also, what about the accessory costumes, are there any I should start farming? (head, chin, wrist, waist, leg, effect slots)
  4. Hello everyone! I picked up the game a few days ago and having fun with it, but I'm kinda lost on how I should progress with the gear. Still have the time limited ones, but I'd like to work on a proper set. I'm playing Violet, currently lv86 by spamming out the New Player Event and on Hunter's Night main questline. Haven't unlocked the PNA amplify, triggers and task force promotion yet, but I'm working on it. So my questions are: 1 - Should I craft the lv80 and 83 epic set or is there a dungeon that rewards better equipment at my current level? 2 - Is it worth to buy/grind out the 30 day Union Elite Training from the Event? 3 - What should I do with Warp Fragments? The Skill Manual seemed the only one worth crafting right now. Thanks in advance! PS. I tried looking around, but all the guides and related topics are quite old (except for this one)
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