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  1. Unfortunately the DNS doesn't fix it. But apparently i can use mobile data (hotspot) to "bypass" the xigncode error and change into wifi connection again on the login screen. Thanks for the info about the DNS tho
  2. I need help with this error i didn't touch any of the firewall or download anything but currently it keep happening. I already tried to restart my computer, re-download closer and turning off firewall and anti virus but still happened. Any info on how to fix this? I don't have any problems with this before
  3. Here you go somehow the insert image from URL showing red so i give the links https://imgur.com/vuMwTc1 Also the patcher already like that about 2 weeks ago when i first download it
  4. The patcher is kinda doubled with big white border surrounding the patcher and i can't really see the progress of the patch i want to attach the picture here but there's no option to attach picture so i can only describe it anyway to fix the patcher?
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