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  1. hello ^^
    are you still looking for account ?

  2. Title i need chips/tunings and PNA set ups
  3. Angelic


    re r>Lock @Icarus
  4. Just wondering because its really frustrating. When ya gotta move something from one char to another that needs one you have to wait forever to find one and then pay a ton for it -...
  5. hai.. can i buyin your draco yuri 10/10?
    how much?

    1. Angelic


       Not sure on pricing


  6. Well is there any guide for harpy like the luna guide that can explain things so i can come to a decision
  7. Agh its so hard choosing so i guess between luna harpy and tein as far as most fashionable easy to geared up more fun gameplay and pretty much anything that will keep me going for the end my main has +15 so i plan on getting up there with my 2nd main as i am a dedicated person @Kai🌸Haan @ArualKneza Since u guys are helping the most qq
  8. So as for those buffs what kinda good things are we talkin about? Is he good for solo gameplay as well?
  9. So title pretty much. I currently main yuri. I have gear for tina and vio (both have 2m cp) the rest id be starting fresh SO what should i do im conflicted ;; Thanks for voting in advance~
  10. So is there another way beside farming - like over and over hoping for that rare drop or what because i need a alot of them and my rng is - yeaaaaa
  11. Angelic

    hi :(

    Hai hai! Welcome to c:c fellow voidling y.y
  12. Hai hai nemmy its Masochist i hope u enjoy your stay ❤️
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