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  1. so does that means that there's no quest that requires completing special ops and tokens?
  2. i heard that the special ops tokens can be used for quests, and you could get more credits? so... can someone tell me where is this quest?
  3. does that mean i have to enter lv75 pg raids?
  4. how and where do you get the pure alien pressure valves???? i've been searching all over the internet and can't find a clear answer. i'm planning to get it for pg equipment craftings
  5. while i have set Soma's skills for Pve, i haven't set the Pvp and i have an urge to play Pvp today. i have about 495 skill points for the pvp section and i haven't levelled up anything and i'm currently at level 69 about to level up to 70, and i'm already a special agent. could someone tell me a good skill build for Soma at Pvp? the passive and the active ones please ?
  6. thank you everyone who has replied
  7. i heard that agile core or brutal core is best for Soma. What's the difference between agile/brutal core??? and what about the trinkets and modules? what are the best sets? (for planar gate and so on) ( sorry i'm asking a lot because i'm a newbie ) maybe if possible a screenshot? thanks
  8. Hello, i need help with Soma's equipment . like what kind of core is best for her (hammer,swords ,etc) , and is she Chase and Back attacker? i also need help with building skills, like which is most used or not ,etc i'm searching equipments and skills that would be useful for Plane Gate and future missions :>> thanks for reading
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