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  1. So since I got the cat costume, how come I can't change the skin for it ? Is it bugged or do I need more items or something?:cry:

    1. BubbleWrap


      Yeah i'm pretty sure it is bugged atm. atleast for levia

    2. Lylan


      gjhvbkk.bhvfjv ;;......

    3. BubbleWrap


      rip in pieces

  2. Oh wow- I didn't even notice--
  3. regardless of timezones, events or end game gear being pretty easy to achieve than void elsword, it's still pretty dead because the void elsword server itself has little to no events - i think ever 2 months if im not mistaken-- ...or more
  4. Try changing compatibility maybe?
  5. Lylan


    Welcome ~~! @EbonyDream hope you enjoy your time here!! ♥ if you'd like to ever add me on discord, feel free to message me so I can help you out on a character to decide ~~! ♥
  6. Hope it'll eventually come by...
  7. Lylan


    haaaii ~~! Welcome to CC deary ~ ♥ ^-^
  8. :happyLev:

    stopped by and wanted to say haiii ~~ 

    1. BubbleWrap


      :hello: Salutations

    2. Lylan


      I'm slowly panicking inside after posting my drawing in the constest- sakjdndskjfn I never done this before HNNNNNNG



    3. BubbleWrap


      I'm sure you'll be fine and I cant even draw so you're better than me. *cries in inability to art*


  9. Uh oh... ksjadnkjsdn I suppose I'll end up encountering the same issue huh-
  10. Aaaaa ~! Got the kittie costume for Lev ♥ uwu


  11. Lylan

    Question ♥

    Alright thanks, that's all I really needed to know uwu
  12. What's the cap for PNA right now? Currently level 75 Thanks in advance ~! ♥
  13. IGN: Lylan "Let's capture this moment!" Traditional ~ ♥ Levia Finished Version: WIP(s): Reference:
  14. Welcome back I suppose? xD...
  15. Lylan

    Missing files

    Unfortunately... it still didnt work for him.
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