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  1. You probably grabbed it on another character once before-
  2. IGN: Lylan Character Portrait Cuddly Christmas Preview Images: ~~~ W.I.P Images:
  3. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! 


  4. Miia


    @Chiharu & @Minos Thank you for the advice you two! Appreciate it
  5. Miia


    Not sure if I should put this here or the black market section- So I'm thinking of selling my alternate account that is a +16 Levia that has 7m tcp (without accessories other than back light), 3m Luna and some costume pieces/set (For pgc or credits). Is there any advice on what to do when selling an account? This is my first time so I want to make sure I don't make any mistakes.
  6. IGN: Lylan We must keep it clean here so we can stay safe
  7. so for closers, when you reach higher level, you will have to run certain dungeons with an entry limit on them. You will have to wait for a daily reset (which i think its 4am server time) for the runs to reset to go in again the next day!
  8. it's okay! There's no such thing as a dumb question - especially when it comes to closers. Honestly, from what I'm aware of, I don't move around from channel to channel much but if you look at the network chat (the chat where people are buying, selling or trading items) you can tell that allot are coming from 1 through 7. Also, keep in mind allot of people are not online during this time due to reset being past many hours ago. When reset hits, lots of players jump online. Unfortunately for me, reset happens at 10pm. So im online throughout the day where not many are online
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