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  1. I can't add you for some reason- my IGN is MiiaTzu! I already did my dailies so I'm just waiting for reset ~ and no worries about the connection, we don't really need to play all the time anyway
  2. I actually dont have VIP either but I still grind it regardless... though if you need help on dailies, I am more than happy to help you out! ♥ Plus playing with someone should give some motivation I suppose ~
  3. If you had VIP or VVIP, he best dungeon for grinding would be Tiamat. One of my favorite dungeons to grind for credits though is BB Sides and bosses. Purification bosses also give malek boxes or statues. Dppleganger dungeon (which is on the red button above your character health & mana stat) gives a good amount of credits depending on what they give that day like statues or malek crystals or gold ones. I basically run those when I have the time!
  4. Welcome back to c:c ~ ♥ Hope you enjoy being back ^-^
  5. Welcome to CODE: Closers! Feel free to add me in game: MiiaTzu ^-^ Lemme know if ya have any questions ~ ♥
  6. Welcome back, dear! Hope you have fun on your journey! ♥
  7. Welcome back to the server ~! ♥
  8. Miia


    Glad you’re enjoying the crew so far ~ also welcome to code closers uwu if you’d ever like me to help you, lemme know!
  9. https://tinyurl.com/rk8twfr

    Updated my art shop with a ton of stuff and options! Feel free to go check it out ♥

  10. Miia

    Meow <3

    Welcome to the forums and game ~ Also, if you’re looking for a Guild, let me know! My IGN in game is Lylan ^-^ you can join our Discord as well or if you’d just like to stay as a guest in the Discord
  11. Welcome to C:C! ~ I'll definitely add ya on Discord ^-^
  12. @Icarus ...I completely forgot to edit my reserved post on the screenshot contest - do you mind deleting the reservation post I made?
  13. Oh no problem! Don’t worry about it ~ But yes, looking forward to it ^-^
  14. Welcome to CC! Hope you enjoy it here~ if you want to add me in game, my IGN is Lylan
  15. I'm excited as well ~ and I can't wait to see what challenges my Levia will have to face in the future! ^-^
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