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  1. Miia

    PNA Upgrade

    Thank you so much- just started using the extra page mechanic thingie LOL sldfknskjgn ♥ R> Lock @Icarus
  2. Miia

    PNA Upgrade

    My friend and I noticed something wrong with PNA when it comes to upgrading: As you can see here, I can't upgrade the PNA even after saving. Everything was working fine yesterday but not now. Tried resetting the game already. Is there any way to fix this?
  3. New video has finally been created!
  4. @Minos "Fact that your letting new players think that selling kinda-expensive items which might be important for them in gearing/tuning end-game stuff (e.g. Platinum Drives, Performance Equalizers which people might need for tuning after all) makes me question your knowledge about game at the beginning of your journey." Part 2 is going to mention everything else. That is why I have part 1 and more for a reason. I will be uploading part 2 on Wednesday. Read the description if you haven’t letting players know that if they need it, they can keep it for themselves. As well as stated in the video. "One of the most critical one is lack of information where you can get Gremory boxes. If not event, then how? Why you not mentioning it to make sure people will know?You also missing a point of showing off each teams mission stories - each is different, each character got other rewards from quests" 1. I did mention where you can get gremory boxes in gremory dungeons which is located in reverse theater & planar gate. 2. I mentioned that stories are useful through doing while leveling your character. I said doing missions - even side missions are useful. I even repeated myself. From saying that, people who need help, would understand that I'm basically saying quests - in fact, MOST are best for gearing up and even credits! "A lot of unclean informations, most of them are useful, but missing explanation." Please keep in mind that I try to make the videos short and not put too much information in one video. One, it would make people who are new or returning, feel like it's too much information to take in. Two, I mention things on the next video about things I haven't mentioned or things I haven't cleared off well. Closers is a game that has so much information to cover for new players that it needs to be shortened. Which would be logical for me to put things in small terms. I have my own discord written with more information for future videos - Also, please keep in mind that this is coming from MY knowledge so I could be missing some information that I may not know yet. Which in fact, I stated in the end of the video in part 2 of credit grinding. "I will try to find more things to look for for grinding" - something like that. Make sure to look at the video thoroughly next time, please.
  5. R> Lock @Icarus put all videos with guides in one thread! Thank you!
  6. R> Lock @Icarus put all videos with guides in one thread! Thank you!
  7. Miia

    My last entry

    Never exactly spoke with you but have seen you around and it was nice to watch what you had on your videos. Adulting does suck but we're honestly never too old to play games... sadly though a grindy game like closers isn't really meant for adulties ;w; BUT STILL SDFJNKSDJNG Well be safe out there and wish you the best of luck on what's coming up for you. Keep the good memories with chu!
  8. My friend can't do it sadly. His Seha continues crashing every time
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