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  1. New video has been uploaded! Be sure to ask any questions if you have any
  2. well... at least it looks nice having 3* but jdsfnkdjfghdh ouch
  3. Miia

    Hello :)

    Welcome to C:C ! And congratulations on graduating college ~ Hope you enjoy it here and good luck on your journey of returning!
  4. Cancel or iframe it before it ends up attacking you - just wait a second or 2, then do it
  5. to do nightmare dungeons , theyre both equally the same difficulty - if youre going solo, I advise you to do quests in puri to get gear there. Or get level 75 and use the temporary gear. Also nightmare dungeons arent difficult, there's just some iframe/dodges you'd need to do
  6. owo hai - not sure if you remember me but I was Lylan on Void ~ Nice to see another familiar face and welcome to the C:C server
  7. Next guide is scheduled to upload Monday!
  8. IGN: MiiaTzu Title: Slip & Slide
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