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  1. It's always best to prioritize things like this than games so be safe out there ~ About the J guide, if you don't feel like you should do it since you're more comfortable when just answering questions, then go for it !
  2. aaaaa -- thanks for updating this ~! Pinned it on my discord server lolol - gonna keep ir there ~
  3. Sinniα


    Welcome to Code Closers ~ ! Hope you enjoy your stay here and have fun on finding the right character for you!
  4. Welcome to the forums, sweetie ~! I hope you enjoy your stay ! If you'd ever like to add me in game, my IGN is Lylan
  5. Nyeh hello there Nice to meet you Sinnia hime How are you doing this lovely night/day i am happy to be in this community for the first time I hope we can be great friends and play closers together sometime :)

    1. Sinniα


      Sure, sweetie ! Just feel free to add me in game anytime ~! My IGNs are in my signature and About Me section ^-^

  6. Welcome, sweetie ! I remember you btw ~ (not sure if you even remember me LOL) but when it comes tp updates, things are pretty quick -- much up to date compared to the NA Closers ~
  7. So far, Harpy seems to be the most chosen -- but honestly, just go with what you enjoy most, sweetie ~
  8. omg that cover photo dkfjgnkjedrh favorite sonic game too



    1. Arrivederci


      is my fav one too ^^ chao garden is amazing

  9. It's always nice to be back to something you enjoy doing huehue Welcome back ~
  10. If anyone wants to add me in gsme, my IGN is Lylan! My alt that I play on to do some dailies, her IGN is MsLylan (Violet)
    I really want to change my Levia's IGN someday -- sldnjfjnsdg

    Looking forward to see you in game ♥

  11. The new account thing seems... awfully tedious to do but the outcome is ksndkjnsdghd idk LOL -- As for the grind, I basically do what you do -- glad to see other solutions though
  12. Yes, welcome! Glad to see Void players coming down here now ♥ Make yourself at home!
  13. So since I got the cat costume, how come I can't change the skin for it ? Is it bugged or do I need more items or something?:cry:

    1. BubbleWrap


      Yeah i'm pretty sure it is bugged atm. atleast for levia

    2. Sinniα


      gjhvbkk.bhvfjv ;;......

    3. BubbleWrap


      rip in pieces

  14. Oh wow- I didn't even notice--
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