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  1. Yea, the effect only appears in transform stage. So you need to have the visor/helmet type face in order to see it.
  2. The raids in question are of course these lil bundles of joy. Irina and David are 4 runs a piece while Gremory is only two. We can run them directly at server reset if everyone is alright with that. I just know that I would love to run these daily so it isn't taking me forever to craft the new end-game gears. While Gremory is just for the new PNA stuff. >.< Please only comment if you actually don't mind running these daily with me. Down below is my Levia's current build and her stats. I do apoligize for not being over 24K an such, sadly the rng god of tuning hated me.
  3. Sadly the only way to get SP books is doing exactly what you are doing. The quests are the only way to get them unless it is during an event when you can craft them. So if you need more SP after you have completed all quests, than you will have to wait till we get another event.
  4. Hopefully I'll get them as a drop in the near future whenever you get punisher irina in our game.
  5. So they don't look like the ones from the KR server? Cause when you see what is craftable you would expect them to look exactly those that you see in KR photos of people wearing the punisher wings.
  6. Oh wow, please tell me that is not how crappy our version truly looks like. If so than that must be the worst set of wings I have ever seen.
  7. Yea sadly I will never be able to make it. My critical in magic damage is way too low due to my tunes. Wished I could do it, but sadly can not since my is a little under 300% with almost 20K in raw dmg. It would be nice if I could just run it twice to have enough of those things to craft the wings. This will be the first event that I can't craft everything from now. As you can see the tuning rng gods didn't favor me with me end-game gear. Edit: Ha only 2? Yea to the best of luck for those who can finish the event with no problem what so ever; or at least little to none that is.
  8. I agree that this new material should be craftable at least, but I don't think it should take that many keys either. Though sadly this is just wishful thinking on our end. Heck I can't even pass the stupid Veronica duo an I wasted a crap ton of res. Yea, I'm not high in the critical dmg, but still this dungeon to get to the end of it almost seems like way impossible; even for those who have high outputs without wasting a lot of their own res and potions to keep up with it. Would have been nice to have the punisher wings, but at least they are a rare drop in the later area; whenever we do get n
  9. YukiNoUsagi

    Levia Gear

    Personally my end-game gear for Levia is as follows; Core: Goddess Athena's Wand Module: Shining Aluminum Regulator, Witch Hollow Regulator, Forneus Neuron Regulator Shield [section one]: Extreme Witch Enchant Ring, Extreme Witch Enchant Necklace, Extreme Witch Enchant Doll Shield [section two]: Levia's Special Crew Card, Levia's Jester Amulet, Snowmobile Model Receiver: Perfect Jester Amplifier I also have the Extreme Master Wisdom, Goddess Athena's Regulator, and Goddess Athena's Magic Ring in my warehouse at the moment. Reason why they aren't equipped is because my current set-up
  10. Sadly I don't know that considering I never upgrade my stuff unless the outfit unlocks an emote {like housekeeper "d"} or needs to be 3* for syncho.
  11. No problem. Always happy to help out a fellow levia player.
  12. Veronica's Pupils & Gremory Lens If you want to see anything else on Levia just let me know. I own everything she has on the server; well minus the steampunk and brilliance of darkness {didn't really like those two on her}
  13. Does it really matter if some players can craft everything they want in a single day or two? It makes no difference since those same players are most likely the types to have everything within the first day of an event anyway due to them having alts at high levels as well. To me it is nice to be able to finish off a event dungeon a tad earlier due to the fact that not everyone wants to spend a lot of time per day when they run other things daily as well. We should just be grateful that we did get a Halloween event, and one that even low level people can be able to craft everything they want gi
  14. @WannaBeAlone @Asycia Do you two happen to have discord? Reason why I am asking is because it might be easier that way to know when one or the other is on to at least have one person run with me in bytess. It mainly his side that I need it v.hard since it the bytess nail that I need to drop. >.< Hard mode hasn't been very fair with me these past few days; as in nothing has been dropping for me.
  15. The weirdest glitch I have ever seen so far when using an effect. >.< When I logged on earlier with the dark bats effect equipped I was shown this instead of the dark bats.
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