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  1. Tried everything but nothing works, I decided to delete the %temp% folder and that somehow works for me. Thanks for everybody who's trying to help me. I hope you all have a good day.
  2. Still doesn't work, thanks for using your spare time to help.
  3. Basically i got that XignCode Error (E0191009) , I've tried everything from changing my DNS, using VPN, Redownload the game, Deleting the Xigncode folder + CW.exe and Diagnose. Still haven't fix the issues, please help!
  4. So i got this Bug when i'm upgrading my Bai's 1* Weapon, Chest, Hand, Feet, Legs Costume to 2*, Also i tried upgrading my 2* Full-Body SA Agent Costume and it fails too by saying you don't have enough material even though i have like over 800 Phase Fiber and 200 Greater Phase Fiber, i would like to mention i have enough money to upgrade it too. Would you like to look at this matter and fix this? Thank you! Here's the screenshot of the bug https://ibb.co/q9Dn6g3
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