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  1. I'm at 6.8 M on my seth and i'm doing fine. wave 10 is the only part thats a bit slow.
  2. i could see a newer player being able to beat it without endgame gear if they were willing to play for like 30 minutes lol and they were good enough to stay alive. personally it would be nice to reduce the debuff a tad cause the final stage is a bit boring cause how long it is.*note I'm at 6.8M tcp on my seth which is what i'm basing this off do tell me if i'm meant to have more tcp.
  3. My only issue with the dungeon is that the final wave has too much health. The 2 "bosses" don't really do much damage so it's just kinda a time sink and rather boring. Other than that the dungeon is pretty well made for endgame players. Would not recommend newer players to do it though lol not that it's meant for them anyway. also lol mirae's passive is useless in this dungeon.
  4. as long you have an option to change it to KR or turn it off i'm fine with this.
  5. I have good news to report. For some reason xigncode is now loading way faster it seems to now take like 30 seconds tops. I have no clue why it's loading fast now unless Gitae did something. Still a tad slower than before but this is a workable speed. makes sense. i kinda feel bad for you guys cause this isn't really your fault it's just that xigncode just decided to shit itself for no real reason it even happened to a official server.
  6. I see thanks for telling me. Good luck to Gitae for finding a fix!
  7. so Xigncode tries to update every time it runs?
  8. Xigncode for some reason has been taking minutes to load when it use to take seconds to. No clue why. Considering that DCing right now is completely unavoidable this is a pretty big issue.
  9. can report that this happened to me as well. Kritika also had an issue like this.
  10. Oh thanks I'm not sure if you can do something but even if you just try the effort is appreciated.
  11. i was waiting for the box to be fixed as one of the staff suggested but now the box is expired so will it be made available again? or am i screwed? Yes i know there was an announcement after this but that one didn't suggest that this one was invalidated.
  12. This reply feels oddly defensive although i might be misinterpreting it. Because honestly the event could kinda be summarized with with the phrase "good idea bad execution". The costs were really really high but having the diversity of choices was neat. Having a custom boss would have been neat since it couldn't be done on time we got seha which isn't a very good boss. The 2020 coins were neat but if you have 3 options that are way better than the others then it doesn't really work. RIP F2P cosmetic economy got blended cause naddic wanted money. I'm being hyperbolic of course but the unique cash-only seal is so stupid.
  13. i hope to god that the unique set merge has a 100% success rate cause otherwise the supply for the set (and the rare sets too probably) will be terrible.
  14. The problem is that there are 3 options that are way better than all the other options so basically you can pick from the 2 SS tunes and maybe the white suit if you like cosmetics.
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