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  1. seha bai seth are the most played charas here people like to bandwagon, and think they are good at something well bai is basicaly biggest fanservice right there, Katana, assasin, "dark" backstory, girl, boobs, booty
  2. yeah right where is my free +17 and hell mod
  3. welcum lets make separated introduction for void peeps
  4. just dont play pvp Pvp is shit here People are either lagging or toxic af
  5. I dont understand why do you want to copy paste KR but okay, can't wait for +17 demand pepega every update doesn't have to be KR/other server related, its a wish list, right? atleast thread says so i also dont understand why you're judging there and here but okay aswell
  6. draco acc cube to code fundation aswell, please and yes i need my halphas portrait
  7. we wont get that we are c:c not kr hur dur +1
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