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  1. All i want to add now, or rather - suggest, is to add better reward in next DB if you'll be decided to try another one. This DB reward was poor (it felt like rushed) so alot of community decided to not participate in it, i believe thats a bigger failure of DB than its sudden closure.
  2. sorry boss we are busy we wont do our work today, im going to watch some netflix
  3. You fucked and you can't blame people on this, community can't pay for your mistakes and incompetence. After void's closure there is more people coming to C:C and - i wont lie, there is much more NEW players in this game compared to what it was before/with violet (i still know violet is still within Staff she's just hidden), alot of returning players, or just casuals, and these people needs to pay for what you did and some people abused? this is actualy disgusting and i can't describe how. Im really hoping for you to make free gear exploit so you will be forced to do gear wipe cuz "sorry we fucked we have to pls understand" :^)
  4. seha bai seth are the most played charas here people like to bandwagon, and think they are good at something well bai is basicaly biggest fanservice right there, Katana, assasin, "dark" backstory, girl, boobs, booty
  5. welcum lets make separated introduction for void peeps
  6. just dont play pvp Pvp is shit here People are either lagging or toxic af
  7. I dont understand why do you want to copy paste KR but okay, can't wait for +17 demand pepega every update doesn't have to be KR/other server related, its a wish list, right? atleast thread says so i also dont understand why you're judging there and here but okay aswell
  8. draco acc cube to code fundation aswell, please and yes i need my halphas portrait
  9. we wont get that we are c:c not kr hur dur +1
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