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  1. Thanks! And pff no I'm nowhere near good enough to open one.
  2. Hello hello forum peeps I'm Miwashiba/Miwa, a very bored h00man who just decided to come back to c:c because I couldn't be bothered opening the KR version every time. More about me: I guess I graphic design from time to time. Might consider opening a siggie shop here but press x to doubt I played closers every now and then before and I'm not exactly new but I never really played this game seriously, so never bothered dealing with gears and such. The terminology this forum uses is very closers-oriented so if anyone could kindly guide me through some must-know abbreviations/mutations that'd be kind! Also, how the economy works. (How much 1m would be exactly, what is considered enough to buy anything, whether it's very easy or decent to earn said money, etc.) If it gets compared to Elsword's economy, is it about the same? 1m on closers -> 1m/10m on Elsword? Lastly, I'd love to know if there are any active art shops who are up for commissioning! tyty for checking this introduction page o/
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