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  1. If you plan to upgrade yod pet, you can't use any different pet than yod.
  2. I see it now. Both of your yod pets have unlocked enhancement thus you can't use one to enhance another.
  3. Make sure to unlock them. Because I clearly see you have locked your pets.
  4. Welcome! Hope you enjoy your stay here~ As for character, I would recommend making every single character to test their skills and gameplay. Hopefully you will pick your favourite one!
  5. Welcome back! Hope you enjoy your stay here and I'm gonna say you have picked a good character to play (speaking solely of Eunha). Have fun in game!
  6. Thank you everyone for participating! Winners for this edition are: @redzbox and @Quirinale If you haven't received bits within a week, please contact Harpy!
  7. Hello Agents! [FO] Jangmi is taking over the UNION Paparazzi contest. Are you ready? Do you like taking screenshots in game and share them to friends? Do you like environment which game offers, while making a good screen? Or maybe you love taking pictures of your character? If so, then UNION Paparazzi is for you! Take screenshot to fit in theme below. Two lucky winners will receive bits at the end of each week. Please, make sure you read and follow event protocol. All standard rules within the CODE: Closers official [Community guidelines] should be followed, however this
  8. Welcome to Code Closers! You have picked a nice girl but unfortunately, very expensive. As for Void, I think I saw your name many times, but can't really recall. Hope you enjoy your stay here and make a lot of friends!
  9. Skills like echoing scream, flying fangs, bonecutter, sashimi prep should be maxed. Rest can stay on level 10. As for FMs, no need to max them except for FM2, which deals pretty nice damage when pressing down arrow key. Though, once you get a lot of SP books from events and through order, you can max every skill
  10. Skill build isn't a thing in pve, because you pretty much use every skill. You pretty much stack every Eunha skill and tune her Flying Fangs skill in mods. As for Eunha combo, it's best to stack on Enhanced Attacks, which are launched by skills like Sashimi Prep, Bonecutter and Flying Fangs, using Echoing Scream. Each use of Echoing Scream gives you a buff [Efficient Coating]. When your enhanced attack skills are on cooldown, you can use Protruding teeth and two moves of Six Section strike to reduce cd of Sashimi Prep and Bonecutter. Flying Fangs, however is affected by Sever Moonlight
  11. I assume you can't download game from codeclosers.to, correct? If so, right click the download button and open in another tab. It will download immediately.
  12. You have to complete Busan story in order to unlock new Tiamat area.
  13. I would suggest trying these steps: - Run a virus scanner and then close all third-party software. - Close any programs you aren't actively using. (including disabling browser extensions). - Temporarily disable your anti-virus system and firewall and see if the error code goes away. - Open up task manager and close whatever you do not need. - Run the game as administrator.
  14. Go to Control Panel > All Control Panel elements > Windows Firewall. There should be an option called "Allow applications and functions to access through the windows firewall". You'll get a list of programs which you can set in the firewall. If you don't see Closers on the list (CW.EXE and CCPatcher.EXE to be exact) add them.
  15. It has been noted and will be addressed in next maintenance.
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