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  1. Hello there. I know your name, but I don't know you as a person! Anyway nice to have more voidlings here~
  2. Ykhar


    You have to reinstall the game.
  3. Ykhar

    Hello, im back

    It's the real you, 2DK? Jokes aside. Welcome back!
  4. NO ETA....


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    2. Sinniα


      I'm dumb -- pretend I never said anything OMG I WOULD LOVE THIS COSTUME FOR MY LEVIA LOO 

    3. Ykhar


      I will create a post with all portraits later

    4. Sinniα


      Thank you, Ykhar ! Lyyyyy ~~

  5. Ykhar

    Hi there

    Oh hello there! Enjoy your time in C:C~
  6. Ykhar


    Welcome to Code:Closers! I hope you will enjoy your stay here~
  7. Fix will appear on next maintenance. Be patient until then.
  8. Congrats! Good luck with your position in staff!
  9. Ykhar

    Hi people

    Congrats Freir! You deserve this spot, you're amazing~
  10. not really. GF is EU publisher for Elsword, Soul Worker and Nostale. Nexon is the korean publisher. Closers EU/NA publisher is Enmasse. Korean of course Nexon.
  11. GM Harpy said that C:C staff isn't the same as Void and burning.
  12. HELLO TOM! It's so nice to see you here. How have you been?
  13. *stabs 173 slowly* Hi there Gesu! You will get used to Code Closers new stuff, everything will be fine. You can join C:C discord to get easier access to parties or any help. Have fun ~
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