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  1. I'll post these. Maybe it will be useful, since I don't know what costumes are in crafting machine (didn't check them yet, so pardon me) Both of these threads are pretty old, from previous years.
  2. Ykhar

    imma bounce.

    Omai... i would never expect you to go. Good luck for you Lan, and your family!
  3. I mean... I can always play KR, but after what they did now.. (adding +16/+17 fuels??????) Big nope. I can't take it no more. So I'll probably stay here.
  4. I was on this server since its grand open. I was leaving, coming back, moving to KR... but somehow I can't just forget about Code:Closers... this is my first closers server I've been playing. So tell me... is it worth to come back? Events are good? How is the population right now? All I know that you guys got theater (ok didn't bother to read patch notes).
  5. Well... they can always do gacha /shrugs Not sure if this server even has concentrated contas in gacha.
  6. Agile, I assume is sword. Brutal is hammer, right? Hammer gives more raw power, but less speed. Overall I would go for agile core which is sword.
  7. I love how whole C:C community was like: SETH WHEN?! And now: she's boring and now my type. No hate tho, I came here to see, what has been added to game and I'm happy to see, that new C:C staff is doing well. Keep your work up, guys, good luck~
  8. You can get it via puri quests in purification tab.
  9. Gothic machines had guarantee drops. Now with all changes that happened on China or NA, washing machines were reverted to normal ones. But you still get chance to drop an accessory. Like SoD eyes, wings etc.
  10. Ykhar

    Weapons and Gear.

    You're Violet. Never use physical modules, because Violet is hybrid. You should use condenser/fuse. Just like your third mod. And just like person above said, do all pg quests then get tiamat.
  11. You don't have to waste your resources. Just make both t1, not t5 instantly. One of them will have phy/mag power +170 and second mag/phy +12% critical. It's worth to remember.
  12. Ykhar

    bai specialist quest

    Bai and Soma didn't get SA in Code Closers yet.
  13. Sunni talking in french is adorable. :pleased:

    1. SunniestDay




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