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  1. You need to reach level 80 to unlock the main quest in Guro Station.
  2. Ykhar

    New tina player

    It is outdated, not worth looking at this guide anymore.
  3. Long time no see! Welcome back to the game~ There is a lot that changed. We've got Beelzebub area and raids. That give you brand new weapons and mods. We've also got an update with Busan. Area that gives you third mod and set of trinkets. +15 isn't anymore highest enhancement cap. Now we have +16 and +17. As well as SS tunes and new unique costume set that is stronger than our previous rare sets. You'll get more help and review of updates if you join discord!
  4. Ykhar

    closers NA

    No, the server will not shutdown. No need to worry. I'd say C:C is better than NA in any way. Cheaper costumes, possibility of getting fuels via warp fragments, better events. We also got 300% of exp/drop rate/credits.
  5. I don't play Mirae and Chulsoo so I'm safe. I wish for something nice in game.
  6. Craftable costumes aren't upgradeable.
  7. Ykhar

    Where to lvl

    The plvling guide is outdated. WH and rattus must follow the story.
  8. Ykhar

    Where to lvl

    @Memorii as a Bai, you MUST follow her story. Otherwise you will not be able to access higher level areas. You get aot of exp doing her story, do you're not losing anything.
  9. Ykhar


    Hm, that's weird... Sadly I have no other options to help you. I'm sorry maybe you'll find something on Google, hopefully.
  10. Ykhar


    If you can, go to the system folder and look for the xinput1_3.dll file. I don't exactly remember where it is, use search bar. If there is one, delete. And install directX again. With websetup, Direct X end-user runtime or something like that.
  11. Ykhar


    Try to install DirectX 11 and possibly older versions.
  12. Ykhar


    update your DirectX and your graphic card drivers. After this reboot your pc, that should work.
  13. Ykhar


    This error happens when 32bit program tries to open in 64bit environment. There are several ways to fix this issue. Try to update the xinput1_3.dll file. Yours might be damaged and not working properly. You can also try to run the application using the compatibility mode. Right click on Code Closers file and choose properties. Go to the compatibility window and set previous version of WinSystem in the field below.
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