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  1. Ex aegis. It gives you pretty good damage, when using V stance, then aegis charge.
  2. IGN: Flow Small angel ready to fly and spend time with alone people! ✧・゚ : * ♡ ♡ ✧ ・゚ : * ♡
  3. Obviously Bai. Asian girl from weeb dreams, amazing gameplay, pretty body etc. Aka the dream girl.
  4. It's not confirmed, but it's possible. No eta anyways~
  5. Busan story is the worst part in closers lore. Change my mind. Anyway I'm only waiting for Chulsoo, because I hate all kinds of girls with huge chest. I've been playing him on KR and this is the best character that could even happen in Closers. I'm so happy to have him.. What I don't like about this update is busan transcendence.
  6. You can use VPN if you want to have easier access to C:C. But I don't know if it helps much - Code servers are located in EU. That's a huge delay.
  7. You guys still take 2dk seriously? 😔
  8. Ignore 2dk. he refused to be my dad. He deserves nothing Also welcome back, long time no see
  9. You have to open gacha to get absolute coins.
  10. Welcome back! You probably don't remember me, but it's nice to have you around~
  11. Seth deals ABC so for her PNA you can go patk/matk, back/aerial or back/chase. or even aerial/chase. Core you can go mana focus or blue/back (aerial or chase are fine too) You just need to balance her ABC cdmg
  12. You can craft BB core now.
  13. I see you Ly = ^ =

    1. Lylan


      Hue *pokes you* >w>

  14. well, full rare set gives a good boost which is 35% critical damage
  15. Welcome to Code, draco. Nice to see you around!
  16. Ykhar


    You don't have to worry about Code Closers, because it's ran by other people. Also welcome, hope you enjoy your stay here~
  17. Ykhar


    NONEMI! Long time no see, nice to see you again! I'm glad you feel better after void downfall. Trust me, i was sad as well and I tried to comfort myself with NA. But in the end I came back to Closers. Hope you enjoy your stay here!
  18. Ykhar

    Can't launch

    @Shelb Sometimes this problem occurs when game is 32 bit, but dll libraries force this application to use 64 bit .dll. Happened to me once and you can try downloading the MSVCR100.dll file (in 32 bit!) Paste this file to C:\Windows\System32. If you use a 64-bit version of Windows, you should also place the .dll in C:\Windows\SysWOW64\ I hope it will work for you.
  19. Everglow or die Anyway welcome back! Hope you enjoy your stay here~
  20. There used to be one polish circle, but most of these people moved to NA and those who left here joined to various crews.
  21. No eta, but I honestly want to see one already. I miss 'em so much lol.
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