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  1. Is it only in Indonesia that lags at night? I mean, is it only in Indonesia lagging ?, my friend also said that at night it's lagging
  2. if you are lagging but running like that is a problem, lag attacking and running again here can't attack him but, if he can
  3. Why are so many people Stupid on PVP. because he lag and running. I can't attack him but he can . Can you make a program so the lag can't pvp?
  4. So the skill has been nerfed ? K thanks for the info
  5. Sorry About The font, but I see on youtube there is a strange skill you can see for yourself >> Skills in D if combined
  6. the Core and 3 Rings change their skill, if the 2 rings do not change their skill Is it really like that or is there a mistake?
  7. How About Seth Awakning skill
  8. Just See Here > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mhe55fYzT4g and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CpNwFzQN8IE there is a skill like a spinning ) at the first link see at 0:33 and in the second link see at 0:35
  9. No Work For Seth : Awakened skills seth no work ?
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