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  1. Not a major thing for the gameplay, but i just want to report this: Mirae's emote command "/ascent" didn't let out an activation voice (in hub and in dungeon)... When activating Mirae's emote command "/ascent" in dungeon, somehow it summon Anna too (like Seth do). Tried this in Hell (after clearing) and in Crew dungeon (in battle and after clearing). Is this counted as glitch or what? Dunno if its only me or something... Somehow i can't get the screenshot i saved. The path is correct, but i can't find the .jpg file (path is: "C:\Users\"my-users"\Documents\CLOSERS\SCREEN_CAPTURE..."). Last time the screenshot function properly at 2020-06-30. nb: i'm using Print Screen button for doing screenshot (i changed the hotkeys).
  2. Um.. I can't upgrade Mirae's School Swimsuit (A/B/C) .. Is that intentional? Thanks~
  3. I thought its just me who had this error today.. Need more information about what causing this error, and hope this got fixed asap..
  4. already checked that.. in the "Hot Spring Costume" section, there's only "hot spring costume" previews, but not preview for "hot spring emote (/bath)" ones.. in the "Craftable Emote Tickets" > "Bath Emote Ticket", i only see preview for yuri and nata only.. what i'm seeking is hot spring emote (/bath) preview for wildhunter's team (especially Luna, Soma, Bai, and Seth)... ... and i have a rough time for loading those gif (the size is too big) :') what i'm seeking -more or less- is like this, but i need the wildhunter's one... (this preview only provides hot spring emotes preview from seha to violet) oh god, Levia is so cute sry if i put too many youtube videos...
  5. i need the wildhunter hotspring emote preview before i open it in wildhunter team.. anyone have it? cuz i tried to find it on youtube but no result... and, does the hanbok from this event giving emote like this (video)? if can, i need the hanbok emote preview too... this levia is good sry, if my english bad
  6. Thanks for updating Winter event or New Year event~ I like this event cuz: - I can get rare accessories. Different from summer event, that i receive it in sealed status, so i can sell it for credit purpose. But now, i receive it in not sealed status (ugh), but this accessories is can be transferred to other character when i try it, really useful if i have duplicate rare. Thanks~ - Nice craftable costume (hot spring, new year, and winter snow costume). I like the style, and the emote skill. But its cost more than i thought. I think this one needs to be lowered (cuz some of 'em is *1 costumes). The problem in this event is (in my opinion): - Credit sinking. This type of event makes some agent can't advance his/her equipment at the moment. In this event, i can't advance my main or side character cuz credits issue. And some agent prefer visual style than the tcp progress (especially me). And i cant buy things in the BM... - Untradeable craft items but unreasonable cost. I prefer crafting in halloween event before, which is tradeable and affortable (for enchant/ transcent items). Remember, this item is already 'untradeable', i had to craft it 'once(or 3 or 5) in a day (daily)', and this is 'limited event' crafting. So i think the crafting cost is just unreasonable. Try to make it cheaper, in this seasonal event moments... - Lastly, about assault mode, soooooooooo (F'ing) hard... i try this mode 4 times : st day: cuz its too hard, i just quit this mode in after 3 minutes. nd day: after i see in the forum comments, and after i thought about crafting list 2020 tokens, i want to try it, and playing it for 20-40min gameplay and spamming 60+ res, but in the end, i got disconnected when seha's HP is x5... :'> (the reason 'maybe' phase power bug, cuz i'm using levia atm or my connection's so bad) rd day: i try this mode again, and in the middle of gameplay i got blackout (this succc, cuz i already wasting 30+ res), and th day: finally i clear this mode with 44min gameplay, and used more than 60 res... "If this so hard, why u play this assault mode? Assault mode is not intended for everyone" -Agent. "if this is not intended for everyone then put it somewhere, don't put it in event list that is targeted for everyone (in my opinion). The other reason is, after i see craftable item with 2020 tokens, i need to craft teatime emote ticket for bai (cuz i have domestic type C, and that type isn't including emote), outdoor hot spring (i want too see hotspring theme in my garden of lust XD), and recently, i want suspect emote tickets (cuz they like SoD ones) and sporty costumes (cuz i don't have it XD). --Ah, forget to say... Thanks for the preview [FO]Nata, really helpful for that preview XD .-- I know that i'm noob --especially for PVP and this assault mode-- cuz i'm playing this recently 'in this server' (from early summer event), but the reward is so good, make me "I really want it" vibes. This is event right? and this is last year of 2019 isn't? Why dont make it easier for this last year event? If this about SS tune thing, better limit the craft once per account or move it to 'highest new year point' reward or drop it if need. Insanely difficult things? I think dedicated player don't need that. What they needs is more player to play with, update with updated content, the event, and pvt server running properly (cmiiw)... I cant spam my 40min and 60 res capsule everyday just for this mode. I know it, but i'm still doing it for my needs." -my inner thoughts. "I just want to play this mode. Please make this assault mode easier." -me ... Overall: I'm still enjoying this event. Thanks. I say this for respecting people who put his/her effort to run this pvt server game. Uh.. Maybe just that for now, i'll edit it if i need. And, this is just my opinion, just sharing my thoughts. And thanks for reading this. Sorry for bad language, i had hard time to learn engrish, and correct me if i wrong (cmiiw).
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