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  1. next event will be no eta, not at monday later ... XD
  2. does this re-balance has something to do with that skill?
  3. rare synchros [cybernetic, dark command, zenith] are always BM only since the beginning.......
  4. have you guys tried to visit: and try some of the solution from there ? server is not offline , there'll be a notice if server goes offline
  5. aside from rates x3, lot of costumes, accs, and materials are tradeable here, and lot of items can be bank shared here (some with gremory box, and some has free access), we can also trade credit through a material you could try it first to see a lot more
  6. depend on what you need you can be a F2P if you work hard and farming hard enough
  7. uh I can't just randomly send a link e-e what it says on the launcher? version check error?
  8. try Soft Ether , i used it back then when i'm playing on JP server or Mudfish probably could work
  9. Nata will make a preview about them, so please wait for it ~
  10. you're welcome, hope this can be useful for players
  11. [FO] Nata will do that in a bit, just wait for it ~
  12. Freir

    New event

    from this thing https://prnt.sc/qdu2fi
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