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  1. hi, best place to level up is finishing your story first, if violet gonna be your main character for the time being for leveling, just use the gear you've got from quest or drop then at lv75 iirc, go get extreme gears
  2. uhhh go get extreme gear and irina david gear if you have enough power, you can move to purification, and then bb gears or if you got a carry and have enough materials, you can skip purif gear and go straight to bb gears
  3. pretty late, but its at international airport
  4. there's nothing we can do about it, connection lost is usually because of internet connection .... rip
  5. do you have any evidence for it? and also, reset time is at 4AM server time
  6. unfortunately, condensed transcendence stone can't be converted back , afaik
  7. voice change is allowed, and it doesn't cause any bugs, no worries
  8. hello ~ join our discord, you might feels back alive with the community there
  9. well, i doubt people have a transcended trigger yet but sure i can give you a screenshot in the future when i have enough mats to trans my trigger
  10. well i can download it just fine, try to restart your connection?
  11. ah no, don't launch it from CW.exe , it won't work try to launch it from CCPatcher
  12. that's not a bug, more like its a technical problem did you launch the game from CW.exe by any chance?
  13. yes, there's only one winner per category
  14. welcome to C:C enjoy your stay here
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