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    im here just to bid my farewell, though i never did my introduction properly since the beginning tl;dr thank you for people who ever supported me 😛 that was a fun and long journey (since February 14th, 2017) goodbye and have fun ~
  2. since your problem was solved , I'll be locking this up
  3. based on my experience , try to use vpn if none of the solution works the cause could be your connection, couldn't reach into xigncode's updating server
  4. dump files and memory leak is a common thing 😞 sometimes i also got dump within 30minutes after the first dump best solution is re-login frequently
  5. based on my experience, it caused by connection my suggestion is try to use vpn and see if it fixed the problem
  6. Just a rough preview, pardon me for the image's inconsistency 😛 Seulbi Yuri Misteltein Harpy Soma Bai
  7. if you're at lv83+ you could do purification, or if you have a carry you can just do bb sides and bb bosses to get gluttony (core and 2 modules) gear my seha's PNA: https://prnt.sc/ta4nu9 https://prnt.sc/ta4nys - for special strain, if you have more than 1.30 aspd without the aspd PNA, you could replace it with aerial one https://prnt.sc/ta4odw
  8. hi have you try to update your directX to the latest version?
  9. Freir

    My last entry

    take care and good luck with your adult's life ;D
  10. that's a common closers thing, which is called as dump files when you did dungeon a lot and with party, you'll get this eventually
  11. I finished hell in 2 minutes with 11m wolfgang, he is good, and as Cultits said, just requires more effort and skill 😆
  12. have you tried to use VPN? as XapMe said like expressvpn or windscribe that was caused by connection, couldn't reach to xigncode's update server, something like that some people got it fixed by using vpn
  13. sorry, i don't main violet, so i had to ask around about it seems like the +5 on effect description is a typo, it was actually always +3 since the beginning
  14. thanks for the report, it's a known bug, and will look into it
  15. i think yours aren't actually at T5 yet, this is my T5 yod module
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