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  1. Freir


    welcome and nice to meet you most of us sure have a thing for hot fictional man lol
  2. Freir

    Hey there!

    welcome back to C:C hope you enjoy the game ~
  3. hello please check on Circle section to look for an active crew hope you enjoy the game ~ indeed you have to grind since you can't really buy end-game gears here 🤗
  4. as cheep123 said, so it's not a bug, rattus are different from other teams 🙄
  5. i'll answer it anyways, it's on dungeon machine at guro station and you're welcome ~
  6. OS: windows 10 Hard drive type: HDD (main) RAM: 8gb i did marathon run within 3 hours, 2 times leak
  7. you just have to go to the machine dungeon, skyscraper is there, not on special dungeons anymore
  8. well if you don't have enough tcp or not strong enough to finish hunter's night, could go to purif and PG to do some gearing and PNA build
  9. welcome back ~ hope you enjoy the game again
  10. Freir


    welcome back hope you enjoy the new characters too
  11. welcome back and enjoy the new content as well ~
  12. Freir

    Box Can't Open

    what is inside of the box if you open it on other char ? and where did you get it?
  13. there is no "ban countries" might be just your connection are bad and need a VPN
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