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  1. Freir

    warp fragment

    driver crafting is missing as well oh, no, its only available on tiamat room
  2. Freir

    warp fragment

    warp fragment from changing molecule can't be used to craft things http://prntscr.com/p2nn6u
  3. oh, thank you for the answer, i thought you guys forgot about it, since there's no fix nor words regarding this bug :u hope it'll be fixed soon
  4. they might forget it since its not major :<
  5. its not a major thing, but its been a while I wonder if this feature is bugged, or get removed.... ever since the big update
  6. Freir

    Quick Questions

    oh its outdated , well sorry i don't really know >.>
  7. Freir

    Quick Questions

    i don't know much about seulbi, but for purif gear, seulbi using 2 harpas modules i think there's a guide about seulbi on this forum
  8. depend on your luck actually i often got white trigger on SS rank, and also white trigger at SSS rank sooooo .....
  9. as far as i know, cat portrait is bugged
  10. Freir

    about gacha

    Why we don't get gacha revamp as well? I just want to know, since gacha on KR give so much things and revamped...
  11. sure, wait me a bit, 5min, my ign is Freir
  12. well only the tiamat side you can do with party, other is solo missions
  13. probably there's a quest that require celine to go into dungeon or something
  14. Freir

    crafting list

    well... other than arkham disk, you can no longer craft lube and equalizer for PG gears, that's an important matter too other thing is you can't finish the PG quest lol i don't know where i should put this thread either
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