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  1. not on the level of not meeting expectations, i can understand, that is game isn't your priority, i too have life outside... and i think you are also not making this all about money, since the online shop is all over the place... i don't have expectations to speak of, just worries, lots of worries, as it just continues to happen... and is still happening... take vitus and mephisto dungeons, does anyone not do them anymore? or do players still go there for dailies? what about the "new" dungeons in theatre reversed? does nobody enter the belzebub dungeons anymore after they completed their set? they still go, don't they? what about the obsolete irina and david dungeons? does nobody do them anymore? no reason to enter new area? there is absolutely a reason to enter a new area! exploration! new bosses! challenges! rewards are good but you need to consider how this game runs. if we do dailies for contribution points then chances are, we will also do the new dungeon in addition to the old dungeons. how bout this, you can exchange bear land passes for materials to craft the new pna.... BUT DON'T DO IT NOW, the new dungeon is amazing, and good for additional "what to do" in the game. do it later, maybe give it 3-4 months later... so yea, sadly, i have to comply, maybe throwing some items are what i should do in the meantime... OVERALL, this update is not hyped about, or anything, so you didn't meet any expectations or failed it. its just............ well, think of the feeling that... you know, you just see a new dungeon, and... the reaction was just... "oh, they put something new" no hype. no expectations. no excitement. tbh, we never really expected you to pull off something like this... we thought, we will just be having a gatcha rotation, a new daily login reward... and that's it... nothing more... then BUMP! at the bottom of the gift box, a secret compartment was there with an additional content...
  2. that's the problem, once we collect and complete whatever's new, that's it, we will still be grinding for dailies. how many dark matter or multidimensional crystals you got that you no longer have any use for? once you complete the puri gear/sop gear, those mats become garbage in your inventory. but we still do dailies... when we completed bear island pna we still do gremory dungeons for daily contributions right? and we still get those materials. old materials. the only solution for this is to have them converted to contribution tokens... but there's nothing new in contribution shop... but i have to admit i have no complaints in the contri shop. i got no complaints on anything but the new mats, once we complete our new pna builds, what will we be doing to these materials? throw them? i hope they become bm-able. that said, i give this update 5/10. nothing really worth the hype, the costumes are awesome, same with the new translations. dungeon... not bad, not good, looks like a contamination hell rip off...
  3. all's good and fine... new dungeon, good enough... new costume, fabulous... new translations, fantastic job! but man... new materials to craft new items? bad, veeeery bad, very veeeeery bad... old materials must be used to craft new items. old materials man, they must be considered, especially when you do dungeons for dailies and you get those old mats. bear land pass is an example. after we complete our pna build, what're we gonna use it for, aside from being a garbage in our inventory? after we complete our NEW pna build using the NEW materials, what are they gonna do, in our inventories? aside from stacking and clogging with the old materials? can we please consider the old materials first before adding in new materials? its just gonna make the system produce more errors if we have too many NEW things. this is the reason why i only play with c:c for less than 2 hours, just to do the dailies, and the rest of my game time is spent on Dreamer RO. they use even the most useless old materials to exchange for better materials and then use them to even get more materials, all of them, old materials but the Dreamer RO devs managed to recycle them. my inventory don't have useless stuffs, yo! and it don't clog either! the only thing c:c has over other private server games is the god awesome graphics... everything else here is subpar... sorry for the rant
  4. hmmmmm.... maybe, just maybe... the official closers are trying to do something to c:c?
  5. now imagine chulsoo carrying a lightsaber! and using the force!!🤣 or riding a mobile suit!!🤩 but seriously, seth has claws, and wolfgang holds a book... they're using phase power, any weapon should be valid...😑
  6. i appreciate mirae wielding a scythe, but why does chulsoo have a gun? why not a hammer? or an axe? or nunchucks? we already have yuri and tina using guns... even seha has a gunblade... too many guns...
  7. same in the bb, i didn't know they skip tiers. i accidentally crafted a gem but was unable to upgrade my module. be careful when crafting transcendence gems for bb core/module. turns out there are a lot of unnecessary data left in CC... hopefully they should slowly remove those as they are a waste of data space... as well as inventory space.
  8. welp... i think it really doesn't work... i went crazy the other day and tried as much as i can boosting the total to 100% cd reduction... nope, nothing happened, it really is useless... AND BEFORE YOU JUDGE, I ALREADY UNDERSTAND THAT THERE ARE SKILLS THAT ARE NOT AFFECTED BY CD REDUCTION! so yeah, i tried ALL the skills on ALL my char... nothing... not yuri, not seha, not seth, not harpy, not nata, not bai........ none of their skills was affected by the cd reduc. no 40% or 100% i even tried 0% no changes... their skills never had a single second reduced to it. ALL of the skills i tried experimenting. even the epsilon amplifiers from contamination hell that reduces by a fixed number, still nothing. now i understand why elsword was more famous than code closers. it has definite stats. when they say it caps at 20% it caps at 20% and i can clearly see my 10 sec cd skill become an 8 sec cd skill and my 5 sec cd skill become a 4 sec cd skill... in closers, my 5 cd skill... is still a 5 cd skill even with a 40% reduction. shouldn't it be 3 seconds? 40% of 5 is 2 so 5-2=3... but nope... still 5 seconds... i checked all the skills of all my characters after the event and heart breakingly found out... the cd reduction is a lie....... sigh... i had to put back all my PNA and chips... why put a stat that has completely no effect? should we at least put a HARD CAP on it and make sure it affects ALL SKILLS? also, cost reduction seems to be just as worthless... we might as well replace these stats with steal hp and steal mp... much more useful... and hard cap it at 5% or even 2% to prevent being broken. if closers really wanted to not be broken then just hard cap it... or am i barking up the wrong tree and complain directly at closers official?
  9. wassup with version check error?
  10. *gasp* the event that's an event!! hot dang, i'm in... no eta......... rats...
  11. did you try going left? i run around like a maniac everytime that happens till i find the real exit, and yes sometimes this game is confusing, especially in the middle levels-endgame.
  12. Clay

    Leveling fast

  13. .................................. you know.... your reply explains everything.... so that's why... ah well... guess i'll just focus on damage as usual, im on the right path after all... back then, when i played closers official my cd was actually reduced, when i equip gear with cd reduc, now they don't... was hoping something different from a private server... and i was just wondering what would happen if i DID reach 100% cd reduc... ahaha... skill spam unli... oh i can just dream... rats... reality hits hard...
  14. cd reduc works on your char?? that's strange... mine doesnt... but yeah, like you i play by instinct, whatever does most damage becomes my main chain... haha... i guess the forums is full of newbies and all the veterans are over on discord?
  15. hey guys, i know im late but i'm not only asking for help for my self but also for starting players, this is in conjunction with my other post of cooldown reduction stat not working... but also maybe its just me... maybe im not using the skills in order? i noticed this during the nata nerfing. nata's 2 second cooldown reduction after using top no longer work for both SS and EP? or maybe i am mistaken? anybody? i tried the other chars i don't feel the cd reduc or maybe i am wrong... maybe i need help? i dunno... for now i am asking for skill chaining... is there a proper skill chaining for each char? cause me using seth's serket stigma+medjed's gaze seems to deal huge damage to many puri bosses i fought, even sometimes killing them after 3 shots... and i'm not even properly geared yet... still struggling for bb upgrades... tsp are expensive... or maybe its just me... i am never sure with this game... its all too weird... so, in behalf of all the newbies who still are in the dark, can the veterans of this game provide us some skill chaining for ALL characters?
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