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  1. I'm having little issue where i can't change my GPU preferred settings since i'm using dual GPU Laptop (GPU0: Intel HD, GPU1: Nvidia 1050) I already try to change this manually by changing the prefer GPU in Nvidia control panel and change it to High Performance Nvidia processor (which is GPU1) but it still not changing it into GPU1 in my task manager i think the main problem here are the program name which is cw.CODE, i try manually add them into nvidia control panel but it wont add into the control panel because the file type are .CODE not .exe , so i cant manually add them Does anyone how fix this? if i cant change the settings, i cant play properly because the game will be run around 20-30 fps.
  2. i have a plan to make my hybrid vio build for both of her penetration rate up to 100%(or close to 100%), will my violet give full damage like seha did to enemy boss?
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