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  1. https://photos.google.com/search/_tra_/photo/AF1QipO0rZwFrVj48v24oTwaFsBM1uCCNpDWfpn-LRtb Help me please the game no Open
  2. Mine had everything activated, I always left it active, I lowered the combat power when I raised the triggers from s to ss I lowered 240k cp
  3. Hello, good morning, a moderator that canhttps://photos.google.com/photo/AF1QipOwg-nn-bctbBTMzN0N_HZm0jMRx6PSpyXZMcQQ help me, my wolfgang lee went up to my triggers and the base damage to ss and I got off from 11,036m to 10,800m, why did this happen? Can anyone help?
  4. si tienes discord y hablas español Novita#5288
  5. If it really is the debuff because the character with 7m in dungeons does not hurt I have 58k magic damage, can I understand how much combat power I need? To really feel damage with Wolfgang because this is exhausting, and really the pj is buff say what you say does not stick to reason and if there tutorial why do not you pass the url? if you are so kind?
  6. finally we got the test that we had look carefully and I apologized the audio I escaped my native language from the frustration and cut the scenes at the exact moment where the character is affected by the disadvantage of the dungeon https://youtu.be/hNaeVsSj900
  7. WoffggangbuggThe problem is that the character has no advance, according to the damage of his abilities it costs a lot to scale and the more combat power I get the more I realize I am thinking that I will need to put 50 base damage to see if the character reacts at once but I don't see much progress in it I've been seeing guides from the Korean server pj and the stacks but I'm going to regret that it is the base damage if I upload it to 50k and there are no changes that character, they should investigate it because I think he is one of the less balanced, compared to the rest that has been test
  8. excuse me thanks for your information but it is irrelevant since you are 11m and I am 4m just imagine the gap that separates us I know the combo but not everything that I do a lot of damage at the beginning but I lose a lot progressively and that I do not like at all because of it is odigo that this bugg the character and the passive I always keep it active to maximize the damage of the following abilities
  9. It is very buggy because before with 3.5m it was cleaning the hell contamination patch at 8m and now I have 4m and there is no change this is frustrating
  10. I have already tried everything with the character, plus the page loads and the damage is the same for me that the PC is buggy on the server, because in the officer it is much more noticeable, and that my character has 4m of cmba and 41k base damage 800% critical magic dmg 70% critical cance 370% air damage 300 back atack probability of damage increased critical 157% and even so it takes 8 to 9m in hell contamination, with that jump rope my bai passes it in 5 minutes , the little damage of the character does not make sense
  11. you cant spiking spanish call me ind discord Novita#5288
  12. I have reviewed it more 10 times, that's why my displeasure
  13. the character loses combat and damage and they vary alone through the dungeons, I am frustrated to see how my character hits 1k today and tomorrow 100k I do not like anything he has me outraged since I do not understand why I lose all the damage of my pj I can understand that they patch and I lose damage but I lose 90% of my damage from one day to the next. Does anyone read see any sense in all this?
  14. you spiking spanish?¿
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