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  1. r u sure with Halloween event ? because maybe just a gossip
  2. ^ Nah 7/7 means to Weapon, Hair, Top, Bottom, Gloves, Shoes and choker
  3. This video maybe can help, it was 7/7 Set costume
  4. Nice animated profile pic, Welcome to code closers sir
  5. 4Ph3NGz


    Welcome ^^ Enjoy your stay
  6. 4Ph3NGz

    A Harpy Guide

    That's was awesome, thanks for sharing
  7. +1 For Harpy, personally i love harpy skill animation its just good Harpy also taller than Luna, Tall girl aesthetic Well, if you love something like science, cosmic, universe than you should play Luna
  8. Welcome Back Senpai !
  9. How to get credits really fast hehehe Or you can manipulation price in BM, buy some item that in lower price then sell in higher price
  10. Create new account > Just attend login daily till 30 days and get the rewards > Repeat till 100x account > Sell the rewards For example : Get double platinum chip from 30 days attending login in 100x account then you sell it with 100M each account 100M x 100 account = 10B in just one month *dont try this at home
  11. Holla Nichi welcome Enjoy your stay, here some guide in forum https://codeclosers.to/forums/index.php?/forum/17-general-guides/
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