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  1. IGN : Lucylith Finished Artwork : Levia, Harpy and Violet are celebrating new year in their new, fancy dresses!~ And all of them wish you a happy new year! WIPs :
  2. Yep! We could!! It's 'MuffyWaifu' I also have discord and skype in case ya would want to talk there
  3. Im from Poland! >w< I don't really know any Polish circles though qwq;;
  4. Hello there! Soo, Im quite new here qwq;; Im Muffy, Muff, Muffsy, whatever you want to call me, and well, after I saw that ''Void'', A private Elsword server shut down, I decided to look for something new, and I came here! ^w^ I hope I will be able to stay here a bit longer than I menaged to be on Void, and I hope to make new friends here too (´・ω・`) A little about me is that Im quite shy, I really like cute things, and I draw stuff, and yet again, I hope to make a lot of new friends here!~ ^w^
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