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  1. there's this one, idk if its outdated or not tho, give it a check and see
  2. go to .dll files website and download that "VCOMP100.DLL", put it in CC data file and re-run your CC and see
  3. harpy is easier to play, she's too fast comparing to luna and she's more fun but then again thats just personal opinion
  4. personally i would go with harpy from those 3, you can try them and see who you prefer to keep tho
  5. planting credits plants can help a bit i guess, not sure if they're ineffective towards end-game but personally i find them a decent boost when you start the game so thought it's worth mentioning
  6. hey, did you check if there's another xigncode folder inside your xigncode folder? if so delete it and try again? if you already deleted xigncode folder, troubleshoot and still getting the error then not sure if reinstalling the game will fix it but you can still give it a try if nothing else work
  7. congratz on getting FO there, good luck with your experience~
  8. congratz on becoming a FO there, good luck with your experience~
  9. AuraSeer

    Hi people

    congratz on becoming a FO there, good luck with your experience~
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