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  1. https://drive.google.com/open?id=17Gl408inhOkM5MakQ87t_3dlf7p-8rdH ^For J
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    PGC Issue

    From my experience, you can still use PayPal, just not directly. If you're given the option of Mint or Obucks, you can go to either Off gamers.com or Seagm.com to buy the game cards. Those sites allow you to pay with PayPal. After, you are sent the code ( basically pretty straightforward from there). Also those sites are global, so there's no country restriction. However you may not be able to order if you're using a giftcard, since some of them don't allow international purchases. And Yes, thoses sites are legit, super fast and if you have a question you can email their customer services, they respond in 5-10mins. PS: Try Seagm.com, since you dont have to go through extra verification, you get the code instantly.
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