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  1. First of all, I'm sorry if this was the wrong section to ask? >< 😅 Also that I'm still fairly new to the game and all but not that new anymore(?) kek Just like the title, I have some questions.. Well, I'm aware and being told that Wildhunters can't play with the other two units until at some point(?) so I assumed I still can play with other charas in Wildhunters together with friends. (I play Soma btw so far). My friend is a Bai,but we can't play together on most areas for unknown reasons except Planar Gate 🤔 And then we were told we can play from certain areas. We are in a squad, but it's just we can't enter any area together. Not fatigue problem btw. Like..at what area then? at what point can I actually play areas with my friend? what requirements do I need to meet so I can play with others? specific level maybe?
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