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  1. I was not aware of this information thank you very much though i still think the drastic change in drop rate is abit much;; certainly makes more sense now.
  2. As title said did they lower drop rate if so why? i went from getting a full page of costumes with 100$ to not even half at all like 2 an half rows now so ethier my luck just went to the void orrr the drop rates have been changed?
  3. As title says~ when i attempted to upgrade the event eyes (orange/red) ones i dc'd i did attempt a second time just in case it was just a random crazy accident LOL but nope~ when attempting to upgrade the eyes i dc'd i am not sure if its just this way cause you cannot upgrade them? Or if maybe its an unknown bug so just sliding this in here.
  4. also were is the tail? or is it just me that doesnt see it?
  5. Thank you so much everyone! Also ...shhh...he doesn't know that c:
  6. Thank you~ *salutes* agent inedible reporting in and ready to prob c:
  7. Thank you very much~! Best wishes to you as well c: u can bet I will be probing around ahue~
  8. Hello well..my introduction is abit late due for give me I've been to busy obsessing over misteltein and trying to get his bunny costume to which I STILL need the (C) bracelets help me..anyways I'm here all the way from the rotten and falling apart voidels community...but it's OK I'm sure there are a few untouched spots anyyyywaays I go by Inedible or Amy normally but my ign for my cute little shota is Probbing if it wasn't already obvious I have an unhealthy obsession with fashion and all things cute...pretty chatty and will hangout with just about all the weirdos out there (
  9. I think it was because of the age dif? or something like that on the first on 2nd one....no idea..?
  10. andthenitwasruined r i p my innocent misteltain..
  11. lowkey share sum of ur powers pls? lil bit? maybe? no? ok..
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