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  1. After i check my internet it's ok Moment trying to access the game and the official forum is not connected Ping the server via Command prompt The result is Getting Request Time Out
  2. Please fix this problem immediately Server KR Server CODE CLOSERS
  3. I Don't Know When Developers Fix It Until Now In Add There Are New Problems Related To Zenith Rattus Cannot Personal Trading Does Not Appear When Using Chat Commands
  4. Im Still Using 6/6 Set My friend says that only character Chulsoo is a bug Please fix this problem as soon as possible
  5. I Don't Know Why This Can Happen Effects only appear when seen by other players Is This a Bug?
  6. All parts are tried and there is no notification "Not Enough Material" There is only a Disconnected Connection Notification
  7. When I Try to Upgrade Costumes I got a Disconnected Connection Notification
  8. The last time before there was a 0x90 update of Quality of Lifes Changes 6 September Last Year
  9. I Don't Know Why Something like This Can Happen Before the Change of Life Update Official Box Items Agents / Special Agents Do not experience Bugs like they are now
  10. Resolved I Forgot Restart My Internet @Icarus Resolved > Lock
  11. I Don't Know Why This Something Can Repeat Again Always Get Notice "Version Check Error" When Opening the Launcher I Had Been Checked All "Up to date" PC Drivers I don't know what else to do
  12. When to fix it I Try On Other Characters And Normal In Character , the Crest Position is not Normal Server CODE Server KR
  13. Resolved Thanks For Solution @Icarus Lock
  14. Still Internet Normal Idk Resolve this Problem I Just Got That Problem Please @Rulebook Solution
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