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  1. Nata v1 Nata v2 My nata is gr8
  2. Welcome to the CODE:Closers Agent Farah! Feel free to add me in game if you'd like. IGN:Romantic
  3. Ah I usually solo everytime. But if you want You can run it with me.
  4. I have tia sides to do rn anyways so If you want to tag along let me know.
  5. Got nothing better to do rn add Romantic in game
  6. Master @Sonic And The Disciple @Lone And then just Me.
  7. Hello and welcome to code closers Agent Lunetia! Please Enjoy your stay~ Also feel free to join a public discord hosted by Section9 Circle~ discord.gg/Jx9yMVw
  8. Even if it's april fools don't really think many people appreciate this when you think about it.
  9. @Violet @Bitna So I just currently Logged in and uh this happened. https://gyazo.com/06206417a608bef9bf78eeaedbf367e8 So can this be fixed?
  10. I know you ain't new but still. Welcome to CODE:Closers Agent Poyi! Enjoy your stay~
  11. Romantic


    Welcome to CODE:Closers Agent NewDread! Enjoy your stay~
  12. Romantic


    Welcome to CODE:Closers Agent Archy! Enjoy your stay~
  13. Welcome to CODE:Closers Agent Daphne! Enjoy your stay and have fun!
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