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  1. hi returning player hi
  2. King Poyi


    that worked, thank you wanted to see my skill setup, havent played in a while and just started on na so wanna get back into the swing of things
  3. King Poyi


    tryna get into game, but it keeps coming up that I'm missing files - have tried many many solutions on different computers cw.exe has stopped working and yes i know there is a thread showing how to fix this, but the links for the necessary files are either incorrect or outdated and no longer there. As far as I can tell, it's because of a xingcode problem(?)
  4. omggg!!! same to me wowww!!
  5. King Poyi humbly welcomes you
  6. I'm not sure whether you're aware of it or not but there's an Unofficial Discord: The invite link for this server: https://discord.gg/anmY8qP and/or https://discord.gg/yNyYQSf It's pretty good and there's people usually recruiting every day for parties for abyss
  7. replying to one person saying they know about the issue in a thread with over 50 replies isn't what i'd call adressing the issue correctly. It should be clearly stated at the top of the patch thread itself to warn people and idk what you mean when you're tryna say resources lmao, literally all they need to do is remove current shhit gacha that isn't working properly and add the steampunk one again, it's literally copy/paste some code lol edit: bugs arise sure, it always happens and idm that but they way they've "dealt" with it is poor. like how long does it take to put a warning on top of the patch notes saying "Gacha is missing x accessories, if rolling please take this into account" or smth. like this thread probably wouldn't even be here if they took 20 seconds to do that lmao
  8. have to agree, niggas who weren't online during the issue being found out. like how these people supposed to know? and if the gacha isn't working properly why not remove it immediately until it's fixed and put in the steampunk one again lmao
  9. probably sonic/anhtubob, vibe, short/lumone, isla, dolce/idle, sunniestday i've pvped a bunch of good levia too but i can't remember any of their names off by heart i'd say these are probably the best people from their respective classes that i've pvped
  10. if you need anyone's career ended and/or annihilated, let me know. Enjoy your stay
  11. Welcome, courtesy of the King around these parts. I humbly welcome you
  12. I, the god. The man, the myth, the legend, the greatest sincerely welcome you to our server! You can find me in game if you have any questions, I go by such aliases as: Poyi LargeAppendage Oene Father God
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