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    Well yall, Happy Christmas and Happy new year~ It's been a long filled year~
    And since my friends have been doing these art summarys? I decided to do a gfx one!

    And i'll tell ya now- It really hit me hard when i made it and looked at it like this-
    I've only started gfx this year and i only truly researched it myself in feb, and i learnt everything myself with alot of help from friends. and its really pretty surreal looking at it like this to see how much i've really improved~
    I still dislike how easy some of my creations are and i'd love to make something more professional but maybe that just me being self critical~ As long as others have loved them, then i do too! And i wouldn't of done this without the forums existing~ Not exactly these forums but definitely a similar forums and supporting community~

    Its been a long fun filled year and i really hope i can find reason to continue these next year if people still love them so much~ Thanks for a great filled year guys XD I still don't belong here but there are old friend here that really made my year much better to get through~ You know who you are if you know me~ Thank you for being apart of my year and life xo





    Pls Note: Jan & April are both gif signatures aswell as July > December which are also gif effects, If your curious to see them, feel free to comment~ i'll post the proper version for you XD

    1. Miia


      Still really sad that Void has to dissapear like that out of the blue from us but sadly things come to an end eventually and that’s just life... But it’s always best to think of it as an experience, a fun experience! I’ve learned allot and met great people in Void (and of course you’re one of em xD) It was all worth it in the end~ we still have our friends who we’ve met in the end and we wouldn’t have met them or you or the love of my life if it wasn’t for Void ~ Love ya Mari and happy New Years and Merry xmas!

      -From your fellow Ara lover, Lylan


    2. Marisia


      @Lylan LYLANNN BABBYYY 550200117060435969.png?v=1  *Sends love from other side of the world*



      Indeed and well said but i've defs moved on and i had worse things in my life this year thank void closing... i had completely unbearable things happen to me just at the start of this year but one of the things that suddenly made it bearable? Well- That was easily all of the people that loved me for me on void and were there to help and support me even if they couldn't give me a big real hug. i've met amazing people with you being one of them too and i could never give enough back to those people for helping me get through my bad times too and i couldn't thank them enough for not forgetting about me to this day either even tho we all lost our one place to meet up and have fun, we still enjoy life in our own ways and keep in contact, and it truly makes me happy xo I hope your really happy too and i love you so much more~ Happy new year and Merry Christmas my lil lyly~

      - From a fellow cute bubbly lil Rena, Marisia xo



    3. Kuko


      u still did great mari ~


  2. I see! That's great~ Thank you so much for clarification! I can't wait to get started then!
  3. I have 2 questions regarding the signature contest since i feel one of kinda important and the other one is just to confirm since i didn't find it stated- 1) Are we allowed to get ANY artwork/picture we want as long as it's the main character of the staff your doing it for and not 18+? Do we have to like- actually provide a link or credit for where we get the art? Or does it exclusively have to be official art or something from closers wiki? Tbh i don't even know where to find more of those artworks anyway... rip. but still important to ask- 2) Just confirming since it didn't specifiy: We're allowed to make 3 signatures for this: 1 signature for each staff member? or can you just make one for one staff member and enter it? There's only the rule that says we can't submit for more than 1 staff member so i guess i wanted to confirm this instead of staying confused Thank you in advance~ and sry if my questions are silly-
  4. So- Uh... I don't know how i should start ot ask this- LMAO


    Yeah no not like that-



    Yeah nvm close enough

    So i'm just gunna get straight to the point. I'm doing a status update to show off LMAO~ jkjk or am i?

    So If you've been around forums- mostly spam thread? I guess you've seen these two sigs floating around already. I've reccently made these two sigs for two of my bestest friends with a new sort of style than what i've done in the past:



    And i'm doing one for myself actually~ This one still in progress:
    This is a sig im making of my OC named Luka~ Nobody really knows her because well- Because i'm Marisia.. But Luka is actually based on myself irl and is my only other oc... and shes cute... BUT YEAH-
    It'll be gif aswell hopefully. i jus wanted to show her off~

    I miss having my own cute sigs but dunno if i want to show off here when i dont even belong here



    Anyway, If you've visited my profile and read this far- The real point i wanted to say was that I've actually got a new computer reccently and i mostly got it so i could 1) play my fav game more smoothly and 2) for making sigs for the forums of that game. but that game disappeared over a month ago ofc but i still got the computer a few days ago and wished to still edit when i got the chances and wanted to try it out~
    So what i'm saying is- If there's anyone who would like a free edit by me, then please step forward and feel free to reply to this with a link to a render you'd like and text you'd want on it~ Only 1 thing tho~ So you can either ask me for 1 sig or 1 banner or even if u just want a small icon~ i'll also add a simple gif effect if you'd like XD and yeah- Thank you guys~ i say free because i currently don't play any games- so... i can't charge- maybe i shuld play this but i don't know still.. maybe- but yeah i don't mind. it would be a good test~

    but yeah. Thank you to anyone who reads this and have a nice day~

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    2. Miia


      Mari play the game and I'll add you LOL - noseriouslyIwouldlovethat I MEAN YOURE ON THE FORUMS TOO LOL

      JK (maybe not) you do you ~ Love you Mari, keep up the great work and I'm glad you used a drawing of mine in your siggie uwu ~:happyLev:

    3. Marisia



      Arekuuu!!! Omg really?? You know id love to try make something for u! No pressure XD u can take ur time finding something nice~ i can defs understand the "finding a good render" struggle- i hope u can find sonething! I cant wait!!


      You know i really love ur rrawing xo its so cute~ thank u for drawing her for me! I hope i can finish it soon xo ily sweetie!

    4. Areku


      @Marisia Alright I have an idea now! But that has to wait until Im back home, Im still sitting in school till 6 PM :depressed:

  5. mooooom ♡

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    2. Nemmy


      yesh i am! Hfghgghhvfg miss you! Lysm!

    3. Marisia


      Awww darllinngg~ Dont miss mee!! Dw silly~ Mommys right here xo i just dont really play closers so i shouldnt be here much but you know your free to messenge me if u ever need me ♡♡ ilysmmm

    4. Nemmy


      hgghgdghvfg will do mooom! ♡♡♡♡♡♡

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