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  1. I'm not sure that a jump z basic attack can do when it's solo. I tried that once when i was solo on the raid. And it lasted for 15 minutes. And nothing happened.
  2. I would never acquire the request timeout with all that latency, except while the provider's network is busy. And always stuck at this pattern when i running the raid.
  3. I often did solo Beelzebub Raid when things are urgent. Like for example when my provider network has a problem, i must to use a connection from my cellphone's tethering signal. And there was a problem when i use tethering connections on my cell phone while playing on the core part(BB raid) especially in the shadow pattern, i had a problem at the Core part pattern. Particularly a pattern of the three shadow enemies inside the core part, it cannot be hit all. Even the middle shadow. But, while i was using my router provider, (not tethering signal), it just seemed safe. We'll sign into the deep context about connection requirement for the problem. Is there the special minimum for the bandwidth speed required to run a pattern within this part? My Tethering Signal Average Requirement : Latency to celluler signal provider is a 72ms, download speed 1,68Mbps, Upload Speed 3,19 Mbps (Latency to Code server is a 320ms - 360ms) My Router Provider Signal Average Requirement : Latency to provider is a 25ms - 36ms, download speed 8Mbps - 12Mbps, Upload Speed : oops, i forgot it. (Latency to Code server is a 220ms - 267ms)
  4. hi everyone, i have one question for all. Does the timezone problem related to the bb raid have to change to utc + 1 first for those on timezone utc + 7? and does it last forever? thank you
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