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  1. Don't quote me but it looks ideal. Predator (Green Modules) with Receiver 2 is Ideal. According from what I've heard from a few Chulsoo. As for what the skills were, etc...I can't recall. Mentioned Yod would work too. Again don't recall skills. My Chulsoo can't get to Puri yet. Someone please feel free to correct me if any info I have said is wrong. It was based on what I was told and looking at their gear at the time.
  2. Hi Hi! Welcome to Code: Closers, Ryuza ~ Full glad am I that you are enjoying you time here! It's super cool that you draw as well! I can't draw to save my life Feel free to add me in game. Maybe we all can party together and run stuff! Viraso is my IGN. I play as Misteltein.
  3. Yeah, I recall seeing you online earlier. OOFERS! Hope it recovers soon for ye!
  4. Added you in game! Hope to see you in game sometime! Glad to hear you're having and happy fun time here in Code Closers!
  5. Welcome! I'm Viraso! You're lonely? OH DEAR, let me send an friend request your way! (Totally in need of friends as well. Yay!)
  6. I totally agree! Hehe. Oh, awesome! I really don't mind that you're already part with with others for those hard dungeons. Just the thought of being able to party with others from Goodfellas would be so much fun! I'm currently still trying to gear up through purification. I would be very happy to add you in game. My ID name is Viras (Totally wish I could too, since Viras was taken and I wanted Tein's name to match. Hah, oh well) Can't wait to see you in game sometime as well! Thanks for such an lovely response too ~
  7. Hi, I'm Viraso and I play tein here on Code Closers! I've been enjoying my time in game as I progress overtime. I've recently joined an really nice Circle, Tragic. Such an interesting bunch they are and extremely helpful. Back to the topic at hand. Misteltein is part of the Task Force: Goodfellas and I had this crazy idea of forming an Party with that in mind. Where we run content together and have an blast and what have ye. I'm looking to create an party with fellow members of Goodfellas, Levia and Soma. Albeit I am quite new and currently working on Purification gear (Trans lvl 5 C
  8. Hello there! I can't be much help when it comes to Sylvi, so forgive me for my lack of knowledge (Really new to Closers and I play as Misteltein). I recently as of this post, got to 83. I totally understand the issues of building up credits (Goodness this event really loves credits!). I'll try my best to answer your questions though. What gear are you currently using? We get an box full of goodies (Newly created characters, as well as crafted in CODE: Fusion as well, for one Warp Fragment) That gives some really nice goodies (Such as an +14 Planar Gate Extreme (Level 75) Set (Physical/Mag
  9. I play as Tein (Misteltein, what an name!), whom I named Viraso. I've been enjoying my time on Code Closers so far. Feel free to say hi, I'll respond in kind. Have a great day everyone!
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