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  1. Ah thank you Icarus! I'll check it out and hopefully I will be able to complete the story in the Dream Theater hehe. Thank you :)
  2. Ah I see, I figured it's gonna be really hard, most Raid Bosses are in games lol. But thank you for the information as well as the tips, I will definitely make use of those lol. There isn't much videos on C.C. that I've seen, though I know there are a few so I'll give those a watch and try to learn of the patterns as well as look at some guides here on forums about it. I've recently made progress in Reverse getting lucky on a core drop, slowly trying to transcend it further to the max grade, but progress is slow, as well as working on either farming the mats for the Gluttony Modules or getting them randomly from one of the "solo investigation" bosses. But at least progress is being made past Puri. Thanks for the help everyone! :3
  3. Ah I see, thank you both, and I did all of the "solo" quests up to this point Miia, so I should be a-ok, I've made sure of it. Though I am not sure if the TCP is for the BB Raid, I only got around 1.5 TCP. Something tells me that's not enough, I can manage a 2 million TCP boss, but anything higher I don't think I can lol. Still working on Puri/Dream Theater Reverse gear, as in the Modules etc. And also thank you Ykhar, I'll write those down so I know for when they are up. ^^
  4. Hello all! Long time no see! I have recently returned and started doing the Fantasy World: Dream Theater <Reverse> area and got up to the quest "King of Paris." However I cannot find the location to start the mission. I am not sure exactly if this is a bug or it's hidden some how, but I cannot find it anywhere in the Dream Theater Reverse, and it's not in the normal Dream Theater either, I know the Dream Theater & DT Reverse have translation errors so it makes it difficult to understand the quests/story but at least you have the quest markers (like the green one in the screenshot) to help you, but in this case the story one isn't there at all, I am really stumped. In the 2nd screenshot the quest appears no where in all 4 locations, am I doing something wrong or is this indeed a bug?
  5. Ah yes, that would fine, I don't think I will have this issue anymore, and if I do, I could always refer back to this one. Thanks again Icarus, I do apologize for the double-post, I really don't get why that happened in the first place lol, but thanks again Icarus! :3
  6. Ah thank you both! I have actually ran it as Admin and made sure it was excluded from Firewalls/Security programs. It's working now so thank you both again for the help! :3
  7. Hello all! So every time I open the launcher it checks for updates, however this time it said it failed to check, so I tried diagnose which fixed this issue last time. However when I click diagnose, a message pops up on the screen basically telling me access is denied. I tried restarting the PC/the launcher and it still prevents me from diagnosing the files. I don't understand why my access to the CCPatcher is being prevented, it kind of sucks because I can't play C.C. without fix this, since the checking for updates keeps failing...Also this is the first time this has happened, it's strange since yesterday the game was working perfectly fine. Wish I can fix this.
  8. Welcome back AmethystDawn! I hope you enjoy your stay back in C.C! :3
  9. Hello and Welcome to Code Closers NekoType! It's nice to meet you, and I hope you enjoy your stay at C.C! (I sound like a Hotel ad...lol). But seriously, enjoy C.C! :3
  10. Wow ok..my brain was being a slow Sloth to learn of Multi-quoting I hope I am doing it right @Icarus. I apologize about the other posts I didn't realize it was considered "post farming" wasn't my intention, as I edit that post I didn't actually know how to multi-quote until right now, so that's why I had 3 different answered posts because I didn't want to not respond to them lol. But I do apologize for the hassle but thank you for merging them all, won't happen again now that I know the power of multi-quoting. . I also wanted to thank you @Soma and the other Dev's for doing that, you didn't have to, but it was a nice gift to celebrate the 3rd anniversary! I have to say we appreciate all of your hard work to continue making this game run! :3 Also ah, understandable, not everyone is gonna like new characters/cash grabs, very understandable and frankly I can relate to a different game that did a cash grab recently but called it a "gift" which clearly wasn't a gift lol. Not gonna go into that though. I've recently got back into CC to level other characters again, which took time to remember everything and where I last left off lol. Though I am curious, why was Seth the worst in this case as a cash grab? At least for Naddic? But yea, for me, I like Scythe's being honest with ye, so when I see a badass female character wielding a Scythe that is bigger then her, count me in! lol. In seriousness though I like a lot of physical class/characters in games so I am willing to try anything lol.
  11. Hello RiniSakura! Welcome to C.C! I hope you enjoy the game as well as enjoy forums! :3
  12. Ah ye, I am not sure when C.C will get the new characters, I've been hearing about it and seeing KR videos on their new update. And usually when KR get's their update, ye know official will and then the Private server. Still though, something to look forward too hehe. Hehe, I can tell :3 Ah same, my Seth is the only max level atm (still working on Puri gear) but I look forward to this new update and 2 new character stories ^-^. On a side note I apologize not responding for a while, my internet was out for weeks..so I couldn't get on to check forums. Ah that's understandable, I am more excited for a Scythe-wielding character but also for more story (I'm a story type of guy lol), but I see where ye are coming from when it comes to new modes/PVP. Granted..I am no where near "end-game" gear wise so in a sense I have no say. But I do like PVP in games but more into PVE when it comes to it. But what is the MOBA? It sounds interesting. I myself have always thought it would be cool if Closers in general got a "tower' dungeon to where you climb floors and defeat massive amounts of enemies and each stage that has a boss; gives good loot, not sure what loot Code Closer wise, but still. The idea is the more monsters you kill on each floor the more points you earn, which tallies on a scoreboard, of course if you die whatever amount of points you have like lets say 500k get's put on the list until daily reset. I mean, I know some game's have this implemented, but it was always an idea of mine when I first joined Closers lol. Edit: Also I apologize @Icarus I didn't know that was considered post farming, my bad . But how do you use the multiquote tool? I never used it before. Thank you for merging the posts though.
  13. Hello all, Tiger here, I've heard of the recent new update that KR had which had new characters with it. Boy am I excited for this! Not only new characters *but more story.* Being honest I was always curious If they were ever going to have a Scythe-wielding character in the game eventually but now there is Mirae lol. As well as Chulsoo which I believe is a gunner class. I am not sure what else comes with this update as in more area's opened up or what really. I assume Mirae is going to be a full DPS type of class while Chulsoo will be DPS but also crowd control maybe? But yea, anyone else looking forward to this new update? Because I am! lol.
  14. Oh I see, I wasn't able to get on forums or Code for a while due to being busy, so when I was able to get on I noticed Assault was easy until the last boss lol. Thanks for letting me know though.
  15. I really like this event, granted, some items seem very expensive, even more then the Halloween event (50mil oof). But I overall love the event, the dungeon is fun the costumes look really nice, I also like that Seth is part of this event haha. I am really liking how the Candy Canes look lol as well as the special dungeon boxes that give you the fireworks, they look really good too. I noticed on Assault mode of the Xmas dungeon, the last boss 1-shots me despite the TCP being 0? Is that a bug is does it actually require high amount CP? lol. If so that's fine, but I was just shocked when I died in 1 hit lol. Also Merry Early Christmas everyone! :3
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