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  1. Hello! And welcome to Code Closers & C:C Forums! I hope you enjoy your stay here and in terms have fun.
  2. Ah I see, thank you very much! As I said, with all this end-game gear, it can be a bit confusing on what to work towards lol. But thank you, I will then work on the Busan. I am not trying to go for like 8-10mil TCP like I see with others, but at least a good amount of TCP, so I don't struggle or fall behind others in a party. Thank you :3
  3. Hello all, I hope everyone is having a nice week! But I have a question, since the Busan expansion came out along with more gear and even "sector epic gear," I was wondering, what end-game gear is the most helpful/worth grind materials for? I see lots of people having mixes of Puri gear and sector epic gear or Hell gear etc. I mean, I myself have a lvl 88 Seth still working on Puri gear, and was also working on the sector epic gear at Hunter's Night. But once I progressed finally into Busan, I noticed there was the new epic gear there. Not only that but I noticed there is Beelzebub's core and 2 modules that be transcended as well. (From the Reversed Opera area, its name escapes me right now x.x) My point really is what gear in general (modules, trinkets, and core) should I go for? I know it might be different depending on characters but for example my lvl 88 Seth.
  4. Welcome back and welcome to forums! I hope you enjoy your stay here, as well as enjoying Code Closers again! :3
  5. Hello Ryuza! Welcome to Code Closers! I am glad to see you are enjoying this wonderful game! I've too come from Tera Online (and still in that game for years now), I more discovered this Private Server due to a friend of mine lol. Also feel free to add me as well! My main in game name is the same, Tigerfang. I am on and off on Code, but if you have questions, don't be afraid to ask them! And really not just me, more anyone in general hehe.🙂 (And I just discovered you can color your text, good to know! lol)
  6. Oh I see, and ye, I am new to this update and to forums hehe. (Also I didn't realize there was already a thread for the new update "bug reports." My bad). But no problem! I just noticed them and figured to report them just in case. But thank you for letting me know! They're more funny then anything haha.
  7. Hello all! First time reporting a bug on Code hehe. During my time doing the promotion quest "Queen of hearts" for Seth, I noticed something off with the characters speech lol. I noticed that the female characters, Harpy, Seulbi, and even Seth herself keep referring to each other as a guy lol. Even Seth says in one line of text about being a "king" rather then a "Queen." I am not sure if this is on purpose or not. (I thought I did take screenshots of Seth calling herself "Set" and "King" but apparently it didn't save, probably due to the "wait 1 sec" message. But I at least have these to show) This isn't a major bug, but something I noticed and found funny, but it is a bug and need to be reported haha. Also! I wasn't able to screenshot it but Seth at the time also called herself "Set" for some reason, I assume another typo. Not only that but Count D kept calling the one quest item the "Jewish Oath." Yet in the quest log it was called something else. (I sadly can't remember the actual quest items name, if someone knows of the name let me know, I only just completed the Task force yesterday). I apologize if the screenshots are really big, I couldn't actually make them smaller in any way for some reason. But these are the 4 texts that have the typos haha.
  8. Hello Viraso! Welcome to the forums ^^. And I am happy you are enjoying Code Closers so far! And I hope you are having a good day too! ^-^
  9. I am really enjoying this update! I like all the costumes in the Halloween event hehe. I haven't unlocked Busan yet but it should be challenging! I finally promoted Seth to Task Force Queen of Hearts, now only 2 more left lol. But I do have to say I am enjoying the quest line for the Task Force hehe.
  10. Oh I see I didn't actually lol. Thank you for letting me know :3
  11. Thank you all! ^^ I will defiantly enjoy my stay here haha. Oh and Clay, the servers are down atm, I thought I was doing something wrong at first when I saw there wasn't any channels on the "enter channel" screen, but after reading the rules I saw a post in general section of someone else asking if servers are up lol. Frankly of other Private servers that I have been on, and them having a lot of maintenance, I am used to the downtime haha. It'll probably be up once they announce it on forums here. And thank ye. :3
  12. Hello everyone of the C.C community! Due to a friend which got me interested in Code Closers recently, I do have to say its defiantly different from any other MMO-type game I've played. And I am really enjoying it greatly so far! Non-stop fun along with story lines with twists & turns hehe. I've been playing it for the past month now, but sadly only today did I discover forums. I wish I joined it earlier but due to a 404 error I couldn't even click on "forums" on the website. I am knowledgeable on the game, again due to my friend who explained a lot of stuff to me, however there is still a lot I need to learn in C.C. hehe. I am kind of casual (depends on my mood hehe) but I don't mind helping someone out if they need it. I can be solo but I also don't mind being a group, I can be either way. I know there is the new patch with Busan, but not exactly sure what that's about atm, at least the new area. But I do hope others are enjoying Code Closers as much as I am at the moment! I do look forward to more updates towards the future of C.C, and I hope everyone's week is going well! :3
  13. Hello SakuraYuriko! Its nice to meet you! As well as right back at you! Even though I am new on the forums, I do hope you are enjoying Code Closers as well! ^-^
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