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  1. Tiko

    I can't talk

    Now i can talk, thread can be locked
  2. Tiko

    I can't talk

    I still can't talk
  3. Tiko

    I can't talk

    @Harpy ok why i got blocked
  4. Tiko

    I can't talk

    could answer the question instead of moving my messages
  5. ? who blocked me and why
  6. I love Luna, just saying

  7. who are you and why you're folling me

    1. Gesugao


      tikowo no i-- N O 

    2. Tiko


      please leave me alone or i'll have to report you

    3. Gesugao


      ok dad >: sobssobs

  8. i hope you die

    1. Cam


      I don’t  hope I die

    2. Cam


      Are u ok?

  9. Is the game dead yet

  10. Kinda weird how you're here since 2016 considering the server was opened in 2017
  11. It's not about the dungeon difficulty. It's about how retarded the prices for crafts are. How limited the crafts are. That event was just made for rich dudes, who's already at their endgame and can afford all this expensive as fuxx crafting. Not to mention most of the crafts aren't tradeable and people simply can't make profit from their crafts.
  12. Not gonna say much, but probably the worst event.
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