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  1. Yea that's what i was thinking, but in that case, in 26 days they give 5x +14 right? i mean it's more logical if u ask me
  2. Ok, so basically i don't know if this is a bug cuz, some ppl says "no i have 5" and "same, i have 1" but yes, when i claim for the login u can see they give 5 "+14" (i guess), so i claimed but just i got 1, as i said, some ppl said yes and others said no. maybe is just a visual bug or maybe not. PD: No, i didn't use the +14 cuz i only login for claim that until christmas (no time for so much events :c)
  3. Hi, this my participation for the contest IGN : Extreme414 Frame: Iceman says "Merry christmas" WIP Title: Frozen star WIP
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