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  1. thank you all for your kind and nice responses!! thank you guys so so much!! now i know what to do!!
  2. WHOA THANK YOU I DIDNT KNOW THAT! damn thanks so much!!!
  3. So... im still not at max level. but I wonder, what should I even aim for when i reach the last level? currently lv80 with only 250k cp.... i got the 28 day item from the boxes and i dont know how to even get any good gear to replace it with lol i only get to like +12 when i enhance... and yeah... could anyone tell what to even do after hitting that? what should i do first besides planar gate? anyone knows where u get this exclusive gear from? that person is same lv as me but i cant seem to find where to get it lol
  4. I wanted to create a topic but i saw you already did i hope this gwts fixed soon
  5. Thanks!! thats the answer I needed thank you so much!!
  6. So since i started and am fairly new i wanted to know what best weapon choices are for these charas if anyone knows: violet bai soma seth luna harpy, seulbi and yuri since there are so many module options and im aware of the phys/psi split but am still unsure about the overall chocie xd if anyone could help that would be awesome!!
  7. Ok so sorry for making 2 topics... I really want to give this game a try but since the variety of damn woman are too fkin high i cant decide who i want to main... Ive played most of them up to lv40 but i still cant decide and i dont want to waste my time leveling every single one of them x: its either: seulbi yuri soma luna (but her selfie pose is really setting me off honestly and her beyblade switch off stages) seth bai harpy tina ... thats all i cant decide who... and i dont even know like i relaly want to play the game but without deciding i probably wont be able to.. i mean im fine with up to 2-3 charas but yeah... and then which teamwork skills do i neccessarly need for those 2-3 characters
  8. are these stats boosting extremly high?
  9. so you dont need 3 star customes like dragonian?
  10. do you need the costumes?
  11. title, do you need to cash in this?
  12. omg lylan from void :oo ah okay thx
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