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  1. I edited my post, just to let you guys know. please tell me if something is sitll missing and maybe delete this post afterwards cuz it might take up space
  2. So should we post it here? if so then: at first i got a different error "error has been detected, please send dump files" tho i fixed it by following the steps in the guideline. then the error with "not enough free system memory" appeared... Operating system: windows 10 hard drive type: SSD (Main Drive) amount of RAM: 8GB step from opening till crash: Everything is perfect until I do more than 2 runs of Party. Basically 2-4 Members and 1-2 runs its ok and then it crashes. sometimes I am unlucky and it crashes right at the first party run. It happens like this: I log in as luna, I ask on mega if someone wants to go do hell + of(surface, always surface). then I am waiting like 10 minutes before starting, then I put my stuff in my bank which is like 15 mins after (so 25 mins in total atm) then I switch to Seth do ~ same thing and get a crash when loading screen is up, mine is at 100% waiting for others and then i crash. Okay, I re-log then do mega again on seth, asking for hell + of. getting party in like 5~10 mins. then I start OF and all is good, after 4-6 mins I start hell and it is still okay. good, I am putting my stuff into the bank then I switch to mirae. asking on mega if someone wants to do hell + of, which is about 15 mins after I was done with seth's last hell run. getting party, mostly containing mirae, chulsoo, bai, tina, soma, harpy. sometimes it is with a luna, seha, nata or levia. starting OF on mirae and getting crash again at the loading screen. this happened when trying to do magra battle: I sometimes do BB normal runs with mirae. 3 daily runs, then after about afk'ing and normal runs ~20-30mins I ask on mega if someone wants to do magra battle. Am getting party at about 10 mins later. I was with 2 mirae and 1 tina in it, got a crash after the challenge run and again, at the loading screen, when trying to do co-op. most disconnects I have are with parties with mirae or chulsoo. most of the time im at channel 10, sometimes channel 11. I hope this is enough >.<
  3. it did help me @Estellias try what he said thansk
  4. Am I blind or I can't seem to find this issue? cuz im experimenting it as well after the update
  5. okay... so whenever im playing and starting a dungeon, sometimes its good and i can go in. but then most of the time, im getting dc with a white warning box saying it has to shut down or smth. any help?
  6. i think you should first level up thats what i pretty much did. until task force i think its good. then you should head to purification ops and get the normal gear (will take a while but its worth) like the weapon and the awakening trinkets. then, once you have that you can go to (or even do at the same time) hunter's night and farm wolfgang and hoffman gear (you dont actually need overclocked, you can solo the regular ones that's what i did as well meanwhile, people always look for hell and OF parties and most if not all, of them are any tcp which you can join so you will easily upgrade your purification trinkets to hell gear. once you have all that i suggest you go and farm beelzebub gear, which is in reversed theater and farming weapon + cores is pretty easy. i got it in less than a week raiding is for the triggers and most parties are any tcp i think that should do it, thats what i did and people told me as well^^ i hope it helps you. if you have any more questions feel free to ask since im pretty new myself but know now what to do and farm
  7. Xely

    few questions

    thanks for the help this really helped me a lot on what to do!! thank you!! this can be locked
  8. Xely

    few questions

    yah i dont have friends on closers lol im at 2.7 or 2.9m cp
  9. so i was wondering since im way too low on the average 4m that people want for sea of pollution... can you also farm the stuff by doing the 4 dungeons with pollution in name? does it take longer? if so how long exactly? are you able to farm the triggers from beelzebub through raid only? is there a way to farm transcendence stone preservative? thank you
  10. basically this. I can only see how you're able to craft them but not exactly what to do with it lol anyone knows?
  11. rip me 😢 but thanks for letting me know
  12. so i accidentally did this... is there a way to get the materials back? :c i cant seem to find the option... its for infinite
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