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  1. i thought you were an everhoe smh jumpin to i-dle like that lmfao ily

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    2. Ykhar


      I still love it though. 

       I kinda wish Yiren had more lines in Dun Dun Dun. Most of time it's Mia and it's annoying

    3. Nonemi


      honestly onda/e:u could've had the dance break but no yuehua is putting all their money on mia and overworking her ;-;

      anyways wake me up when the server's back online im gonna go catch some zeds

    4. Ykhar


      Okay, take care

  2. hey again everyone, it's Nonemi i've been playing elsna for a while and I got to 315k cp on my richter now I have no life please help me get back through the game lol have a coffee. thanks. also if a mod sees this could you please lock/(preferably) delete my gfx thread here?: https://codeclosers.to/forums/index.php?/topic/8606-gfx-nonemis-pigment-pool/ Thanks in advance. gonna be setting up my profile into a place that you can visit again soon. hi again i guess *cough* i'm sans *cough*
  3. if i scan in a drawing i did traditionally, it still counts as traditional and not digital, right? sounds like a dumb question i know but i'm generally concerned edit: AH FUCK I COMPLETELY MISSED THAT please remove my reservation post, I should've read more carefully
  4. hey draco we sure have come a long way haven't we? nice to see you again hope to see ya'round
  5. Nonemi


    Hello fellow migrator! Welcome to C:C! If you need a buddy, my IGNs are listed in my Signature!
  6. Hi everyone, I'm Nonemi! I'm a passionate artist/GFX artist/and dedicated lover of all things NISHAAAAAA I finally picked my ass up off the ground after miserably crying for two months about the Fall of the Void and came here. I know a good chunk of the Void Elsword Community migrated here after that disastrous event, and I'm hoping to see some familiar faces. If you're here from Void, you probably know me, so stop in and say hi! I'll be opening up a GFX shop soon, but first, I'd love for some people to show me the ropes, both of the game and of the community. There are some things I'd like to know, such as basic things like (We have multiple parts to weapons? Fusing costume pieces? What mechanics are these??) and (Is trading normal currency for Bits a thing? Is there a rate?) I know it's nor very wise of me to just head straight here before picking up the game with Official Servers first, but I decided that the learning curve will ultimately be the same and I'll have an easier time here learning the game from people whose company I enjoy, and who enjoy my company in return. Currently, I'm just starting out on a Level 11 Seha. IGN Nonemi, ofc. Hope to see you all in game! Annyeong! (Annyeonghi gaseyo!)
  7. lweknrrkejnt Haaaai!!!

    1. Nonemi


      Hmmm...? Do I know you?


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