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  1. Welcome back Squishy~ send the yaoi my way huehue
  2. This a pretty nice guide you got here. It's pretty informative and it will help people with the FAQs regarding what to tune and so forth. I actually like this guide.
  3. Welcome back. Also, nice title, it was clever.
  4. Oh. Only time will tell then.
  5. I should probably ask if the guide makes more sense now lol. Does it?
  6. Just a couple more things have been added.
  7. It took a couple of hours, actually. Thank you for the compliment.
  8. .....uhhh. So this is a guide that I made originally for a friend who had just picked up Closers again and none of my other friends could teach him so I had no choice but to try. The gist of this guide is to be there whenever you need to a go back to guide when you need help and to always be there for you whenever you need answers. It's still a work-in-progress guide and I'll try to update it whenever I can. I'm sorry in advance if it's a bit confusing but uh....yeah... have fun with the guide. https://docs.google.com/document/d/15IJBH8lSIBcAVIUUL4LZRjkJlSKJBJX8_xtCwXio1GI/edit?usp=sharing
  9. ...hold up, so....Gitae was there to give us the debuff? I was so busy killing that I didn't even notice. Now that explains why I kept getting that debuff. So how exactly do you dodge the debuff. Honestly, this is reminding me of when I figured out that you can dodge and avoid Yod's debuff in Hell and OF.
  10. Take care of yourself, 2d.
  11. Likewise~ love you too Ly~ ♥ Zodi you memelord!! No! XD
  12. Well.... Hello everyone, I'm Chiharu. I'm actually a currently playing person that forgot to introduce myself. Oh don't worry, I've been reading forums and stuff, just haven't really commented on threads lol. Anywho, I first heard of this server from people who played Void Elsword waayyyy back before it shutdown and decided to try it out with a group of friends and liked it. I actually played until I capped when the cap level on here was lvl 70 and then went back to void and then came back here after void shutdown so I am pretty much here to stay as you can see. I was a Yuri main but now I'm a Bai main (still learning more stuff though lol). If you've seen me around, I'm usually the person answering people's cries for help whenever they need a carry for a dungeon nowadays since I've already got pretty decent gear to get by. Let's see here......what else.... Oh, um you can also find me in the code closers discord server either buying or selling stuff or pretty much wandering around as well. My usual homebase is puri ops ch7 so if you want, you can always stop by and say hello sorry, I'm a bit awkward when it comes to talking XD. I look forward to even more crazy shenanigans with you all.
  13. I'm ready to say goodbye to my 30k bits that I saved for gacha burning lol
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