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  1. Welcome back. Considering that Eunha and Mirae start at level 67, as well as Chulsoo, you chose 2 good characters to help you get back into the game. That aside, I hope you enjoy your stay.
  2. Welcome. We hope you enjoy your stay.
  3. Welcome, we're glad to have you. The population's kinda the same. The server's safe, so you don't have to worry. The staff's pretty good and they do listen, so it's a fun time.
  4. IGN: Chiharu "I'm tired of this Christmas Dungeon already."
  5. Welcome back to C:C. There has been a lot of updates since you left so hopefully, you have someone to catch you up to date on how to get gear and stuff and can walk you through the game again in case you get confused.
  6. Probably saw me in mega chat meme'ing, in a dgn destroying stuff, or in a spar room talking/afk. I was an elesis main back then. Also, likewise.
  7. Honestly, fuck a tier list. Go Eunha since you liked her the most.
  8. Chiharu


    Well, you can try to list the characters that you have, costumes that you have on there, and any noticable characters (like ones with high tcp or strong gear. shit like that). I don't think there's such thing as a price check so I can guess you can go with an offer that's decent enough for your standards. Proceed with caution as you're trying to sell your account in PGC. Last thing we need is for you to get scammed (Listen, I'm only trying to warn you. Don't get too scared). Um....that's all I have. Someone else will come give advice soon. Best of luck. Edit: Don't forget to show
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