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  1. alright, now that the event is finally over, i'll be giving some feedback. i started playing closers around the time the event started, so i'm a relatively new player. take that into account when reading my feedback. also, before i get into feedback, i will say that i'm a fan of the staff team being responsive and actually communicating with the players in this thread. please do continue to do so. - this feedback is about the 2019 christmas event. link to the event is below. my feedback will be divided up into different portions. all main points will be bolded, but i still recommend reading the rest if you want to understand my reasoning behind my points. i'll be repeating some things that others have said without a doubt. unfortunately, i can't be as detailed as i want to be since i don't know stuff very well. event format 1x new year's dungeon reward box -> 4x-7x warp fragments + 1x-3x firework lucky box + 1x new year consumable box (5x-10x cookie of benevolent smile/levia's heart cookie/satellite explosion candy/mistletein's sugar packets/rainbow rice cake/piece of cake) gonna start off with what i liked about the event format. there were some things i liked about the event format. the new year's dungeon reward box dropped in all dungeons, letting us run any dungeon we wanted to for event items. that was good. i highly recommend keeping this part of the event format. having the freedom to run any dungeon for rewards is very good. the consumables were also very good, both the effects and the amounts given. consumable box should also be kept. they definitely helped with grinding. there was one consumable i found unneeded, though. rainbow rice cakes have a nice effect, but its effect is the exact same as the effect of satellite explosion candies. rainbow rice cakes can be removed since they're just redundant. everything else was really nice though. however, what i've noticed so far while playing closers is that there's no real consistent way of getting HP recovery items besides the ampoules sold in shops. i wouldn't mind seeing some HP recovery capsules/dual recovery capsules thrown into the consumable box. of course, it might just be not realizing there's a way to consistently get more of these. moving onto what i had some problems on this event. as a newcomer, i didn't really know the deal about the fireworks and how to get candy canes and stuff at first. i could've made a forum thread asking how to do all this event stuff, but i think things like that should be mentioned in the event announcement post. the purpose of fireworks and how to get event items should be explained in the event announcement post. something as simple as "run dungeons to get fireworks, use fireworks, click on the circle on the top right, redeem vouchers at that one NPC, etc." wouldn't hurt to add. i actually completely missed the circle on the top right, so i was pretty confused. the concept of firework and points and a server buff is neat, though. i really like it. the concept with the fireworks and server buff is good. i also definitely need to talk about the event dungeon and how that was handled. i think the sentiment of wanting to give strong players something extra is fine, but it definitely could've been handled better. the reaction from the community is evidence of that. instead of creating a whole separate list of items that needed year 2020 coins, i think it would've been better to get rid of the year 2020 coins entirely and make the list of items require candy canes. the bonus that players should've gotten for assault mode was a lot more candy canes, as the previous modes had already been doing, and one or two RNG cubes that have a random, rare event item. for example, after beating assault mode, players get cubes that randomly give them one of the costumes from the crafts or whatever's considered rare. that way, the amount of available crafts would've been increased for everyone, and people who can beat assault mode would've still been rewarded. there's more i want to say about this, but that'll be later in the event crafts section. suggestions for the event format: continue to let items drop in all dungeons. don't change this. it's good keep the consumable box, and change the contents a bit. get rid of rainbow rice cakes since satellite explosion candies are the same thing but better, and consider adding some HP recovery consumables add a little "how to" on the whole thing with the fireworks and event items. i really like this concept, but i was pretty confused at first. a little guide on what to do wouldn't hurt for the newer players. don't keep exclusive rewards for any group of players. instead, give them easier accessibility to harder to get items as a reward. keeping a group of rewards for only one group of players specifically isn't a good idea. instead, it's better to make those rewards available to everyone in order to make the variety in selection better. rather than exclusive rewards, they should be given more opportunities/an easier way to get rarer items. event crafts preview of all costumes is linked below. 1x snowman voucher -> 5x candy canes (25 per day per account. total: 125 candy canes per day) starting off with the voucher for event items thing. every 100 points, you got one voucher, which could be exchanged for five candy canes. i didn't mind the system itself, but there's one thing that bothered me a bit with the entire thing. why is there a limit in all the event stuff? if the goal is to get players invested into the event and get them wanting to grind, a limit seems real counterproductive to all that. i think that, in general, there should be a bigger reward for those willing to put in more time and effort. the limit for getting event items and for crafts in general should be removed for events. there are some exceptions to this, of course. however, i do understand that having no limit also means that the amount of event items needed for crafting must also increase. idk by how much the increase should be as it'd depend on the event item, but that's something to keep in mind. also, i don't see a reason for making every single item untradable. some items, like the +15 gear booster, yeah that makes sense since people can abuse it with multiple accounts, but everything else? i don't see a reason for it. an event should not only be making the game more lively but also the economy. sure, the new year reward box was tradable, but i'm also thinking about the time period after the event, too. allowing items to be tradable will benefit other players coming into the server or those who weren't able to play as much as they wanted to during the event for whatever reason. event items, in addition to having no crafting limit, should also be freely tradable. with some exceptions. this'll help get the economy more active. finally, there's the cost. everyone has talked about this. i'm just beating a dead horse at this point, but i'll say it repeat the point. the credit costs for this event were pretty high for a newer player like me. i personally didn't do much with the crafts. they didn't motivate me much to play. i understand that there was a problem with a bug being exploited for credits, so i can see why the staff would want this event to be a credit sink. i'm hoping that the next event will be a more accurate representation of what an event with normal credit costs looks like. however, if the staff continues to use events as a credit sink, then there should be some crafts with low costs dedicated to those who don't have a lot of credits or simply don't want to spend that much. not that i actually encourage using events as credit sinks. that isn't a good idea. events should be more focused on grinding event items rather than credits. it would've been better for the crafts to have had a higher event item requirement rather than a high credit requirement. i would even go so far to say that some crafts should only cost event items and have no credit cost, namely non-fashion items like consumables, resurrection stones, etc. not saying that some items shouldn't cost a lot of credits. some of them are well-worth the credits. things like fashion should cost more credits since fashion is always the endgame for most players in these type of games. fashion being expensive i can understand. other items, not so much. i'll be going through each event craft and my thoughts on them. i'll say now though that when it comes to dressing up and all that stuff, i generally don't have much to say about that kind of stuff. i'm more focused on stuff that'll help rather than fashion. also, since i'm relatively new, i don't really know how valuable things are, so i won't know much about pricing. starting off with the first tab of exchanges. CODE: christmas event I CODE: christmas event II CODE: new years event for this tab, crafting these items require year 2020 coins. if i'm understanding correctly, players could only get 1 year 2020 coin per day from completing assault mode in the event dungeon, which was a challenge due to seha literally oneshotting everyone. idk if challenge is really the right word, but assault mode was basically for the stronger players. the staff team made this mode to reward veteran players for having played for a long time, which i can understand. however, i already went over my thoughts on this in the last paragraph of the event format section. basically, i don't think this was a good idea. also, the fact that people only got 1 coin a day meant that at most, players could only get a maximum of 21 coins, assuming that they beat assault mode every day and that there were no disconnections. this meant that it wasn't possible to craft everything on the list. the staff intentionally designed it so that players couldn't get every item, which i very much disagree with. since these items are probably only gonna show up in this event and won't show up again for at least another year or more, there should be the opportunity for players to craft each item. not only that, they should have the opportunity to craft all event items more than once so that they can be sold later to players who weren't playing during the event. let players craft items more than once so that players who missed the event have a chance to get these items. however, if i'm wrong and these items will show up in future events more frequently than once a year, then i'm not as opposed to its design. i still don't like it, but i won't dislike it as much. suggestions for event crafts: remove the limit for event items and crafting event items. with some exceptions. events should be when players are rewarded for grinding more, so a limit seems very counterproductive. the downside to removing limits though is that the amount of event items needed for crafting will have to go up. and of course, some items should be limited like the +15 gear booster. make event items able to be put up on the black market and tradable. with some exceptions. while the new year reward box was able to be put up on the BM and tradable(? need confirmation for this), that isn't the same as having the event items themselves be tradable and able to be put up on the BM. allowing the event items to be tradable/BMable lets new players who join after the event or players who missed the event get event items after the event has ended. this keeps the economy moving, even after the event has ended. credit costs for crafts should be lowered. alright ngl i really don't feel like summarizing this thing, so just read the third paragraph under the event crafts section. events shouldn't be used as a credit sink if possible. having events act as credit sinks really isn't a good idea since events are part of what makes people want to play the game. sure, credit sinks are needed, but having events be credit sinks will ultimately make people not enjoy the game as much, i imagine. events should be more focused on event items rather than credit when it comes to crafting. similar to the point above, events should be more focused on getting more people running dungeons for items. the year 2020 coin had good intentions but shouldn't be brought back. it's fine to reward players who've been here longer, but it shouldn't be that they get exclusive rewards. this is addressed in the last paragraph of the event format section, so check there if you missed it. in addition to this, the limit of getting 1 year 2020 coin per day and intentionally making it so that not all items could be crafted is a bad idea. see the two paragraphs under the CODE: new years event subsection to see why i believe this. it's a wasted opportunity to not have event items that allow for more runs in dungeons with limited daily entries. allowing people to enter daily dungeons more often at the cost of event items is something that'll definitely increase the amount of players running dungeons. misc. stuff: bring back the +15 gear booster craft in future events, the skill manual craft was nice. - after all that, i'm finally done. my overall opinion of this event is that i enjoyed it, but as a new player, i wasn't able to get much out of it. don't get me wrong, the event was still good. it just wasn't the best first impression to have of events in C:C. however, i'm sure that the next event will be better than this one, so i'm waiting until then before i make any final judgements on events in C:C.
  2. hello everyone as the title says, i'm a player from voidels. finally ended up deciding to play c:c bc i wanted to see how things were here. i'm usually not one for making introduction threads, but i thought i'd make one this time since i know that a lot of other void players have moved here. i hope to see some familiar people from void. i'm completely new to closers in general, so i don't know much atm. i definitely do plan on posting on the forums more often when i learn all the c:c stuff tho hoping to get along with everyone
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