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  1. Nice to meet you Zignora! Hope you continue enjoying your time here on C:C
  2. Good and informative guide overall. A few things to watch out for is that at 11:40 you said chip protectors are needed for succeeding chips. That is actually not true and there's no need to have chip protectors. I've tried many different Chip Succeeding combinations and it has never asked for chip protectors. You also don't lose the chip you're Succeeding from. It just goes back in your chip inventory. Also at 9:32 you said to ignore Attack Speed chips but they can actually be really good depending on the character you're playing. If someone can fully optimize their tunings and PNA the
  3. Welcome back to the game ^^ Good luck on your adventures now that you're back Eunha and Mirae are quite fun to play. Nice choices!
  4. Welcome to the game Hope you enjoy your time playing! Characters and their playstyles in this game can vary a lot so, like the people before me said, I'd recommend playing all the available characters or watching videos of end-game players play them so you get an idea of whether you're interested in them or not.
  5. The server population is more or less the same. The official server isn't more populated than CC most of the times. They are on similar grounds. CC server has been up for many years and isn't looking like it's going to close any time soon. Can't ever be fully sure though so in the end it'd be your own choice if you wanted to start playing or not. CC currently feels like a much better server than what it used to be 1.5-2 years ago so whatever the changes have been since then, I believe they were positive ones. This server in my opinion will continue being the mos
  6. She's currently the hardest character to master in the game and will be for quite a while if someone is going for max mastery on her. For beginners, the most important thing to do i'd say is get a good feel of your exceed dash,smash, and fist ( they are the 3 attacks you do after using exceed / semi exceed ). Try to use them a lot so you can practice doing them without having problems with their inputs. And alongside that try to practice FM2 movement control while using your attacks. A way of practicing them is after a sector ends, staying in it and doing those things over and over
  7. Post Initiative is an I-frame. Non-Dash Stinger is also an iframe when you hit an enemy with it and lastly FM3 is an iframe So from those you don't already know, it's only stinger unfortunately T_T She doesn't have many iframes
  8. If you left the game when the first BB raid came out then there's also Busan, BBv2 , Yod sea , Busan Transcendence, Babel Program, Chip revamp , Pet revamp , Shining star costume , new endgame effect wings added. Soon there'll also be Asmodeus probably. It'll take some effort to catch up if you mean getting all the gear since it takes days to gather all the materials but due to events being very helpful and a winter event coming up soon, I believe you'll find it bearable especially with some company, if you have any. If you're looking to get a feel for the game again then ru
  9. Within the characters you're interested in, objectively speaking for endgame content and in general ( Only exception being the Nightmare Tiamat Castle Sector ) Eunha , Chulsoo and Mirae are your 3 strongest options if power is what you're looking for. Violet and Tina are weaker although not irrelevant or unplayable by any means. For the Nightmare Tiamat Castle sector until your TCP becomes very high Violet and Tina would have the edge over the other 3. Violet over the others has a really high skill cap being the hardest character currently in the game so if you're into hard characters you
  10. Welcome back to C:C Hope you enjoy your time here
  11. I saw someone suggesting to right clicking on the button and opening it in another tab and it worked supposedly. Did you try that ?
  12. There's only 1 kind of puri trinkets and core. Get those and upgrade them as much as possible if you need the puri gear. As far as Puri mods go, Yod/Red Puri mods are the best for her.
  13. For starters this is a Eunha only visual bug. I haven't encountered any other character to have it yet. Go to Gremory's portal as Eunha after having unlocked all the gremories ( for better results ) When you are in any of the 4 main/official gremory tabs, you're able to see all 5 tabs. If you press the "Imaginary Course" tab though , the Advanced Course and Intensive Course tabs disappear. If you go back to one of the 2 first tabs then you'll be able to see the missing ones again.
  14. Welcome to the game! Enjoy your stay here
  15. You could check this thread out. Some possible solutions about the same problem have been mentioned there. If you try everything and nothing works maybe a clean re-install would help.
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