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  1. Operating System: Windows 10 Hard Drive: SSD ( Main drive ) Amount of ram : 16GB / 3200Mhz Steps till crash: I log in , do a few runs on different raids/sectors (5 or so) and then Disconnect with that error. I mostly see it appear when im playing on Mirae and it has appeared a few times while im playing Violet as well. For Both chars I'm usually around the sectors/area of Puri , Busan , BB area or Planar Gate. I've noticed that it does crash on all 4 of those quite frequently. I haven't seen it crash on Union HQ with that error yet. If I'm in a party it'll usually be with a Harpy or a Wolfgang but the crashes happen regardless of whether I'm in a squad or not. I either crash at the start of the loading screen or when i exit a sector. More specific example: No.1: -Logs in after DC on BBv2 Veins -Finishes BBv2/Does Core as Mirae ( with a wolfgang , noname , bai in the squad ) -Afks for a bit on bb hub -Goes to busan -Gets in a party with a wolfgang -Does 1 run of misook -On the 2nd run wolfgang gets dc , so i solo as mirae -Wolfgang comes back -Gets in pt and does 1 run of untouchable -I get dc on the loading screen of 2nd run. No.2: -Gets back online after DC on run 2 of Untouchable. -Gets in squad with a Wolfgang and does run 2. -Does Untouchable's training program in a squad with the Wolfgang. -Leaves squad -Runs some EP 31. Assaults of Mirae's Busan's Story ( Assaults of sector 1,2,4 ) -Gets back in squad with Wolfgang -Does misook's training program -Swaps to violet and moves to Dimensional Ops -Starts running Tiamat -Finishes 6/6 runs of Tiamat and moves to Dream Theater -Runs Stage For Magra: Challenge -Runs 2 times Stage For Magra: Co-op -Swaps back to Mirae -Does Hell -Goes to Planar Gate -Starts Advanced Gremory as squad and crashes on loading screen (All the above in the span of 30-45 mins or so)
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