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  1. Welcome back to C:C Hope you enjoy your time here
  2. I saw someone suggesting to right clicking on the button and opening it in another tab and it worked supposedly. Did you try that ?
  3. There's only 1 kind of puri trinkets and core. Get those and upgrade them as much as possible if you need the puri gear. As far as Puri mods go, Yod/Red Puri mods are the best for her.
  4. For starters this is a Eunha only visual bug. I haven't encountered any other character to have it yet. Go to Gremory's portal as Eunha after having unlocked all the gremories ( for better results ) When you are in any of the 4 main/official gremory tabs, you're able to see all 5 tabs. If you press the "Imaginary Course" tab though , the Advanced Course and Intensive Course tabs disappear. If you go back to one of the 2 first tabs then you'll be able to see the missing ones again.
  5. Welcome to the game! Enjoy your stay here
  6. You could check this thread out. Some possible solutions about the same problem have been mentioned there. If you try everything and nothing works maybe a clean re-install would help.
  7. Maybe try diagnosing or deleting xigncode folder and cw.exe then diagnosing. Did you let both CW.EXE and XC.EXE through your firewall and your anti-virus ? (Try running as administrator too if you haven't already i guess )
  8. Great and helpful guide overall! Gonna leave a few notes about some of the things listed in it. Module Tuning: -Emphasizing too much on Back damage in my opinion while its a must on Special PNA strain. That's gonna make it hard soft cap itself. It could be better to get air/chase compared to back even if lower value assuming back has reached very high soft caps since the gains will be bigger like that. -Also some chars ( like violet ) would prefer chase crit damage instead of back crit damage so it should definitely be added. Trigger Tuning: Violet needs abc dmg or emp state instead of attack speed preferably. Costume Tunings : -Note about Violet not wanting AS on hat/hair since Phase Force Charge Speed would be more preferred. -Also possibly mention that hybrids prefer phys raw + psi raw + their leaned crit dmg just so that no one tunes double crit instead. Tuning priority for SS on gear : -Note that hybrids prefer to prioritize ABC Crit damage on mods instead of Phys/Psi Crit damage on core. Chipping Core : Hybrids: -There is no reason for someone to get BB blue/red because the only benefit is Building damage. Objectively it's just a waste of money. Bearland isn't an endgame content either. Chipping Mods: -Psi: For plat slot i think seth could prefer chase instead of back since values are higher ? so maybe it should be added? Not 100% sure on that one. -Hybrids: For plat slot definitely add chase too. Violet. Endgame titles: -Violet definitely prefers OFR title over Mask breaker due to the 20% crit damage difference. I don't see why she is on the Mask Breaker list. -Scorpion Title is definitely better than Yod Sea Title when a character's main DPS ( or most skills ) isn't ABC. -Scorpion Title is pretty much equal to Yod Sea Title when a character's main DPS is ABC. The deciding factor about which is better comes from the Damage During Empowered State stat. The more of it you have the more valuable Scorpion becomes. ( Imo characters with 84-85ish%+ emp state dmg would prefer Scorpion but the difference is so minimal that I don't believe there's a reason to swap ). Adding to that, the upcoming Tiamat Title destroys both of them so it's even more of a reason to not waste materials swapping if you already have one of the two. Accessory Sets: A9+A10 is definitely NOT equal to BB+A10 BB=200 raw , 27% Crit A9= 4% raw ( which is roughly 240 numbered raw ) , 12% Crit A9 wins by 40 raw while losing by 15% Crit Damage. Roughly 23 raw = 2% crit damage. So overall BB has a lead of a good 12.5% Crit or so. That's the difference between them more or less. I can't really call them equal but I guess they aren't that far off either. Skill cubes: Advanced Phase Release can occasionally beat Condensed I depending on the % between the two. ( but you can keep it like that it's technically not wrong ) I hope I didn't miss/leave anything out. I didn't go over the skill builds since I doubt they'll have flaws/important flaws. That's all I have for now. I hope it was helpful or at least some of it.
  9. I'm not sure if it works like that since I've never personally tested/tried it out but if it does work like that then it's good that you pointed this out yeah. Probably if the bytes of each file were to be compared to what they should be instead of the names it'd be able to find the possible broken/corrupted files. But again I've got no idea if that's actually the case. I've also not really played around much with the files and the diagnose's functionality to give better options/ideas.
  10. Have you tried doing a full clean reinstall of the game ? Also if you have an anti-virus have you tried making an exception for XC.EXE ? Another reason I can think of is maybe you have a 3rd-party program open/open on tray and it's interfering with xigncode. Lastly, I really doubt but , make sure your hard drive where the Code:Closers folder is located isn't close to being full.
  11. Welcome back to the game ^^ Hope you enjoy playing mirae
  12. Welcome back to the game Carlos ^^ Enjoy your stay here and have fun!
  13. Nice one! It's very helpful and informative having all her translations like this here ^^
  14. Operating System: Windows 10 Hard Drive: SSD ( Main drive ) Amount of ram : 16GB / 3200Mhz Steps till crash: I log in , do a few runs on different raids/sectors (5 or so) and then Disconnect with that error. I mostly see it appear when im playing on Mirae and it has appeared a few times while im playing Violet as well. For Both chars I'm usually around the sectors/area of Puri , Busan , BB area or Planar Gate. I've noticed that it does crash on all 4 of those quite frequently. I haven't seen it crash on Union HQ with that error yet. If I'm in a party it'll usually be with a Harpy or a Wolfgang but the crashes happen regardless of whether I'm in a squad or not. I either crash at the start of the loading screen or when i exit a sector. More specific example: No.1: -Logs in after DC on BBv2 Veins -Finishes BBv2/Does Core as Mirae ( with a wolfgang , noname , bai in the squad ) -Afks for a bit on bb hub -Goes to busan -Gets in a party with a wolfgang -Does 1 run of misook -On the 2nd run wolfgang gets dc , so i solo as mirae -Wolfgang comes back -Gets in pt and does 1 run of untouchable -I get dc on the loading screen of 2nd run. No.2: -Gets back online after DC on run 2 of Untouchable. -Gets in squad with a Wolfgang and does run 2. -Does Untouchable's training program in a squad with the Wolfgang. -Leaves squad -Runs some EP 31. Assaults of Mirae's Busan's Story ( Assaults of sector 1,2,4 ) -Gets back in squad with Wolfgang -Does misook's training program -Swaps to violet and moves to Dimensional Ops -Starts running Tiamat -Finishes 6/6 runs of Tiamat and moves to Dream Theater -Runs Stage For Magra: Challenge -Runs 2 times Stage For Magra: Co-op -Swaps back to Mirae -Does Hell -Goes to Planar Gate -Starts Advanced Gremory as squad and crashes on loading screen (All the above in the span of 30-45 mins or so)
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