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  1. I was wondering on how I can get Absolute Code? tried donating clearly that didn't do anything- anyone can help?
  2. I think slot B is the one on the left? Nope, I haven't unlocked that. My previous Closers games only uses A slots.. that counts the item shortcut on the right to use the skills. If you're reffering to the PvP side of the skills however, I already put all the skills there first, including putting some in the item shortcut.
  3. I will try to take a SC, if anyone is ever in PvP again.. Just to add more information, I put the skills in the item shortcut, which is 1,2,3, etc by default, and once I did put the skills in the those tabs, it doesn't show in PvP battle. I think it counts as 'item' so its unuseable? as in it doesn't show in the tab itself, so by any means I couldn't use it. Though after some PvP matches I take awhile to check whether the skill is still there, and it is there. So... i'm still wondering if it's just me.
  4. Is it just me, or am I the only one who had experienced Closers differently before? I used to play Closers before, and I used the item shortcut to actually place all my skills in place. It works just fine in PvE, but in the PvP section of the skill tabs, I guess it counts as an item shortcut so any skills I put in there Is basicly unuseable. Does anyone felt the same? or is it just me? 'cause this made PvP a whole lot different for me
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